Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Seriously if all people use phone to moblogging or do facebook or whatever as long as can be online, then laptop business can just out of the list. Unfortunately lately i become 1 of them. I even online msn when i watching tv show on my bed..i update my facebook during lunch or dinner at restaurant. My lover finds it annoying because i do things that is inapproriate for such situation like having meal. Well, i don't know what to say but i will still doing it. WaHaHa.

Its a phenomenon that you feel like you have to catch up with what's latest and share amongst friends n family. It's a disease. It's a trend. I know most of people can't afford it but at least you would feeling great and you're IN. Yes, you are! Now that Maxis comes plan with free iphone, everyone go sign up. I kinda doubt it cos postpaid isn't my thing but one day i went to Ampang Leong Tau Fu place for lunch and I saw 80% of customers there placed their iphones on the table or playing with it. I was like, great job Maxis, now almost everyone knows mobile facebook or mobile google. End up maxis line(shortcode,call line,sms,3g,mobile internet) have problem and they still can't solve the issue. Maybe too big deal for Maxis to handle.
Anyway, today 1st time I moblogging and I hope you won't feel boring reading this post. Ciao~

Hello & Welcome

Hi friends or whoever, thank you for spending your little valueable minutes for my this "little lazy bun in K.L." blog. Please do not expect that I'm a good writer or blogger because I am NOT, because I am just a "little lazy bun". But I hope this blog can at least entertain you with some laughters because LIFE in KL is ain't easy as you thought or you wish...spend just your few minutes reading this blog might freshen up your mind for the day. Just remember "Smile for the day" at least once. So, please SMILE. 

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