Wednesday, March 17, 2010

KL lifestyle standard is high & high

Last weekend was great weekend. My love and I watched movies back to back on Saturday. Love the movies. They are "Up in the Air" & "Alice in the Wonderland(3D)". Love George Clooney. Love the 3D effects from "Alice in the Wonderland".

Had Chilis at One Utama, PJ.
Had Italiannies at The Garden, Mid Valley.
Watched "Alice in the Wonderland(3D)" - Premiere Class at GSC Signature, The Garden.

I'm not showing off here how rich I am which is totally wrong. I'm just a normal person with normal incomes. What i'm trying to say here is that, I've observed the lifestyle of Kuala Lumpur of nowadays. Maybe I was out-dated, didn't know that is K.L.'s lifestyle all the while, but I have to admire those people capably & willingly to spend more money on food & entertainment expenses, especially youth generation.
People still go for movie (normal hall) which is about RM10 per person, and they also go to Premier Class movie which is about RM 22 ticket per person. I went to Premier Class movie at The Garden, the hall always full. Not to mention that most of them are youngsters.
Restaurant & cafe, also having the same group of people- youth. I saw youngsters having meals at so-called high-standard restaurants like Chilis, Italiannies, TGI-Friday and etc. From this situation, I can smell the money everywhere. It's like they do not have any concerns about earning money. Instead, they are more active on spending money. What the hell. Well, I don't care how they managed to do that but the standard of lifestyle in K.L. is going up & up but the incomes of people are still in maintained-range(never goes up).
Whole situation is not just to make me think but also to wonder that a millionaire in Malaysia is no longer we call him/her a rich person that used to be. Based on the high-standard lifestyle in K.L., the basic package you must have is at least you're millionaire(enough money to spend). For those who has only normal income that is just enough to pay all expenses and not a millionaire, what shall we call them? How they gonna survive in Malaysia? Oh God please guide me, because I am one of "just enough to pay expenses" group member.

For those who want to stay in K.L., think twice b4 you rush into decision. :-D

Friday, March 5, 2010

Thank God it's Weekend

Thank God, it's weekend!
Please do not laugh at me when I say this. Friday morning 9am reached office, my mind was thinking "oh man, I can't wait for 6pm. ". I mean I was so tired due to didn't sleep well last night. But you know what, it turned out I was busy the whole day. Done some tasks, some just leave to next Monday. I'm not a workaholic, though!

American Idol result show at 8pm. The result did not disappointing me but I was shocked. Top 20, 4 that were leaving are 3 Blacks & 1 Korean. Coincidence? Or they are just not good as compared to the others? How American vote for this season American Idol? wonder Simon Cowell also wanna quit A.Idol after this season. When Didi Benami and Michelle Delamor stood together when Ryan said one of them is going home, I was like "oh please. Do not let Didi leave. If she leaves, I really don't know shall I continue to watch the show..". I mean she got a great unique voice. Whenever she start singing, I can just close my eyes listen to her voice. It is incredible. Maybe what she lack of is to find a suitable song that can even perfectise her singing. The contestant I like from the boys group is Lee Dewyze. I just wish them all the best.

Pictures: (1) Four contestants that got the less vote from American this week.

(2) My favourite contestants: Lee Dewyze & Didi Benami

Thank God, it's weekend!
Will be going to my friend's open house party at Sungai Long. He is single and workaholic i guess and now he got his 1st house! The 1st from our gang to purchase a property. He got everything now except a girlfriend. If any girls out there want a boyfriend who got a car got a house got a stable job, please do let me know. Let me intro you to him ;-)

Wish you guys my friends enjoy the weekend. Happy Weekend.

Monday, March 1, 2010

A trip out of K.L.

I just got back from Penang, 4 days 3 nights there which was pretty tiring trip(due to the weather). My body was so tensed and not enough rest I guess.

Anyway, this trip the things I did there was the same leisure activity that I do in K.L. every weekend, e.g. go for movie or have coffee at cafe. Watched "The Book of ELI" at 1st night & "From Paris with Love" at 2nd day in Gurney Plaza. "The Book of ELI" was good and I liked it. Taught me to have some faith. I was a little confused by "From Paris with Love" movie's title because I thought it was a love romantic movie but it wasn't. It's funny and action movie with a lot of 'fuck' words, cast  by John Travolta & Jonathan Rhys Meyers. Surprisingly GSC didn't censor the movie but anyway it was worthy paid.

Recently quite popular advertised Hotel from Penang is the Hard Rock Hotel. Went there for RM 25 drink....Haha...of course also took a look around the hotel. Personally I think it is damn expensive from T-shirt/souvenir to food/drink, the room rate is even more expensive than any 5-star hotel in K.L. I can see alot of guitars display in the lobby lounge and Rock Cafe, they even have shining tiles of The Beatles on the wall. Nothing I like about this Hard Rock Hotel except the swimming pool, though. If you're rich and you really don't know where you can spend the money on, please go visit this high-over-rated hotel & it will swallow all your money. (Sorry my English writing is not good.)

Once in a while get out from K.L. I thought it would be different experience. Apart from the 8 hours go & back on the long journey, I can't see any other difference. (well, maybe I didn't go explore all the places in Penang...hehe..)


This is Foh San(富山), Ipoh. They serve variety of DimSum. 2nd floor is self-service only. It was fully packed and if you want to eat, you have to stand next to table and wait...wait...wait. Haha.
Star: 2-star. The DimSum wasn't good enough as compared I had in K.L./P.J.

Name: 金山steamboat
Location: Gurney Drive
Star: 3-star. The chilly source they have is good tho.

Name: Hard Rock Hotel, Penang
Star: 5-star. I gave 5-star because it is a 5-star hotel. Don't go there and spend if you're not a rich fella. Visit only is allowed and anyone can just go in and use their swimming pool.(If the staff there did not know you didn't check in)

The rest of photos are parts of Hard Rock Hotel. Enjoy yourself fellas.