Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Boycott American Idol season 9

I have decided to boycott this singing competition show since Didi Benami got 'kicked out' from the show last week. It was just ridiculous that Tim Urban still survived another week and maybe more weeks, who knows, thanks to most of young girls all around U.S. (my foot! )

The game on stage is about earning profit by encouraging people around U.S to text in message to vote for the contestant they like/love. There are about 300millions of people in U.S., and it makes me wonder how much of money that the show earns already by this voting system. So is this show a singing competition or it just a earning profit tool ? Obviously Tim Urban is the magic tool of the game to get more voters(more votes more profit).

However, I do hope the rest of contestants will show their true talent week after week and someone is gonna be the winner. I will not be so crazy about the show like before but I do hope Crystal Bowersox or Siobhan Magnus will be the finalist after my favorite Didi Benami. All the best to Crysyal Bowersox & Siobhan Magnus.