Saturday, May 29, 2010

Xian Ding Wei (鲜定味) @One Utama, Wok Hei Restaurant @Hartamas

 After Wesak day, today we had tried 2 new restaurant: Xian Ding Wei (鲜定味) and Wok Hei(Chinese & Malay cooking). First we went to Xian Ding Wei @ One Utama Shopping Centre. Last time we went there we did not try it and this time we did it. Xian Ding Wei is a taiwanese food restaurant where most of the menu are comes with set, just like Fong Lye Restaurant @ The Gardens. They both are taiwanese food restaurant. So it is non-halal. The moment we got there we were comparing the menu set and price with Fong Lye. Ha ha. In deep, this Xian Ding Wei is cheaper than Fong Lye and the food portion is much more than Fong Lye serves. And yet, Xian Ding Wei has refillable Chinese tea that costs you only RM 2. If Fong Lye, the cheapest drink is canned drink like Coke as I remembered, correct me if i'm wrong. Xian Ding Wei also provides credit card payment as long as your bill amount is more than RM 30. Again! - Fong Lye only accept CASH.

Here is the snapshot:

You can see the menu is similiar to Fong Lye's menu. (I lost my bill receipt, so no price available here. Sorry)

As far as I know, they have branches at Sunway Pyramid and One Utama Shopping Centre, another one at Queensbay Penang.Give it a try. :)

During dinner, we went to Sri Hartamas Shopping Centre. Last weekend we had Pasta Zanmai there, and this time we try Wok Hei as located opposite Pasta Zanmai. The dishes actually you can find it in those Chinese 'Tai Chao'(大抄) restaurant, except Wok Hei is halal. It's not bad. 3 dishes 2 bowls of rice 2 drinks costs me about RM 45. Here is the only photo I have:

Two days of hunting down food, I feel like gaining extra 2kg....He he. Lazy me, lazy to exercise. Ha ha. Tomorrow is Sunday, so probably is another food hunting day. God Bless and thank you God for all the food I have. Of course an infinity thank you to my partner too.

Enjoy your lovely weekend all my friends.

Celestial Court(Sheraton Hotel) & Bossa Nova(Park Royal)

Today is Wesak Day, a public holiday for all Malaysian. Happy Wesak to all it Buddhist? ...anyway happy Wesak to all Malaysian.

Today had plan to go Sheraton Hotel for lunch and then movie in the afternoon, and dinner buffet at Park Royal Kuala Lumpur. Let's share my experience here of Sheraton Hotel. I do not dining there always but sometimes. Just love the food there especially Dim Sum at Celestial Court. It is located at Level 3, a Chinese cuisine dining restaurant. There has Dim Sum for lunch session and Ala Carte menu for dinner. I just love all the menu items there. Most of the time my partner and I will go for Dim Sum for lunch. At least spend 2 hours there...hehe...well sometimes less than that. Okay, let's take alook at the photo for the food I had for lunch.

left-top: Steamed prawn dumplings "Har Kau" with bamboo piths (RM 13)
left bottom: Steamed mini abalone"Siew Mai" with crab meat (RM 13)
right-top: Scallop dumplings in "Eye of Phoenix" topped with salmon roe (RM 13)
right bottom: Bean Curd, prawn and spinach ball coated with bread cubes (RM 13)

left: Deep-fried cod fish and prawn, banana rolls served with wasabi-mayo (RM 15)
centre: Bean curd roll (RM 15)
right: Freshly made rice rools with prawns and water chestnut (RM 12)

Of course you can always order Chinese tea. Chinese tea categorized into 2 different price range.
One is RM 5 per cup, e.g. 'Wu Long' tea(乌龙), 'Pur Er' tea(普尔).
Second range is RM 10 per cup, e.g. 'Char Wong' tea(茶王), 'Tie Kun Yan' tea(铁观音)

After Dim Sum, We ordered dessert as usual. I always have 'Herbal Jelly'(龟炼膏) as dessert. The price is all around RM10 - RM15. You can actually order different dessert and share with each other. It's good idea to taste 2 desserts at 1 price. Hehe. 
The services there are excellent. They greet with big smile. How lovely. Here's photos of Celestial Court:

Actually we plan to have lunch buffet at Essence(Level 1, at Sheraton Hotel also), but fully booked and the waiter didn't even want to tolerant with us. "Fully booked, sorry". I understand. We will come back next weekend then. Haha. There is always choice. So we go to Celestial Court, 2 floors up for Dim Sum. We spent 2 hours there til 2.15pm and then ciao for movie "The Prince of Persia: Sand of Times" at 3pm.
Here is the official movie trailer:

For dinner, we went to Bossa Nova, Park Royal Kuala Lumpur, located at opposite Sungai Wang Plaza. Bossa Nova is Brazilian restaurant that serves all kind of grilled meat except pork of course. Muslims are safe to dine there. He he. Brazilian buffet is different from what we used to have which we go take plate and find the food we want ourself. For Brazilian buffet, they prepared appetizer and dessert on the counter. For main course they will serve you while you sitting there comfortably chatting with your companion. All kind of meat like lamb, beef(sirloin, rump, tenderloin), sausage, chicken, fish and tiger prawns. You can have it all. So make sure you don't fill your stomach with only appetizer. He he. Oh ya, they do not serve guest with free drinking water. Drinks include water are not free to serve. Mineral water costs you RM 5 per bottle. Dinner Buffet RM 88++ per person. Let's take a look at my photo:

pic 1-8 : Bossa Nova, Park Royal K.L.

Here is the snapshot of Chef come and serve us the grilled meat.

Appetizer Starter:

Salad. Chef prepares it for me.

Mushroom soup is great & appetizers.

Appetizer continues...

First time I had Oyster. Gosh, it taste 'not good' to me. I don't know how to appreciate I guess. He he.

Here comes the main course: Sausage, Chicken meat, Beef, Chicken ham, Beef Beacon etc. I didn't take Fish and Prawns picture tho but the butterfish was good. You have to taste it if you go.

If you are good eater and love grilled meat, try this Brazilian buffet style at Bossa Nova, Park Royal. If you have small event that guests less than or equal to 100, Bossa Nova is the perfect venue. There is a singing stage and a dance floor. It just great environment and good feeling there. You know what, I went there was like my partner book the whole restaurant for just both of us dining. Nice music, great services, perfect lighting, and it just make your body moves(dance). The waitress agreed tho. Ha ha. Love it.

Happy Wesak to all Malaysian.

Celestial Court: ****
Bossa Nova: ***

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Pasta Zanmai @ Hartamas Shopping Centre

We wanted something different from what we used to have for weekend's dinner, which usually just a few same places around our area like OneStop Cafe(大家乐), Thai stall under the large tree, OldTown, ZhengLaoHiong(正留香) and etc. We don't feel bored with them but just want something new. So we went to Hartamas Shopping Centre(5 min drive from Saffron Condo, Sentul East to Hartams Shopping Centre) to search for something we haven't try before. There are alot of fine dining restaurant in Hartamas Shopping Centre, but we chose Pasta Zanmai, an outlet of SuperSushi Sdn Bhd Malaysia. Pasta Zanmai is located next near to Kim Gary Restaurant.

I'm not sure why we so love it...because we were too hungry that time or the menu just too great for us. Hehe. We had ordered 2 different sets for both of us from May Special Menu. The prices are cheap & reasonable.

Set 1: Mini Teriyaki Chicken Pasta to Mini Hotate Pizza (RM 22)
 (Mini Grilled Chicken Pasta & Mini Prawn/Scallop Pizza)

Set 2: Mini Ebi Tempura no Gomadare Pasta to Mini Unagi Rice (RM 22)
(Mini Fried Prawn Sesame Sauce Pasta, Mini Roasted Eel Rice & Miso Soup)

Dessert: Choco Banana (RM 15)

The dessert menu you can actually find it in Sushi Zanmai as well. For example, they have this Choco Banana which is my all time favourite from dessert menu. If you go, must try this. It is sweet banana and chocolate ice cream with cornflakes in between. Bravo! Ocha RM 3 for 1 pot (2cups, hot water refill)

The services are good as Sushi Zanmai and they have round table seating for couples and a good place to hang out just to catch up with friends as well as families. This is what i recommend to you all for this weekend. Watch out for next weekend's post. Thanks for reading my posts. :)

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Bali (day 5) - Kuta

In the day 5 of Bali trip, we packed our bags and check out Club Med. 
No no no, we were not leaving Bali yet. 
We still had one night that we wanted to stay in Kuta.
Kuta and its beach, one of the MUST visit destination in Bali.
It is the most happening area and you could see every street by walking distance if you're not easy tired person. 

We stayed in Mercure Hotel, and we didn't do much there either.
However we walked along Legian Street(Jalan Legian) in the afternoon and it was damn hot, I mean the weather!
With my N97 phone free map navigation, then only we found out we were going straight to Legian via Legian Street. Haha. After that, we took a taxi back to hotel.

Look at the motorbikes...hahaha

In the evening we had balinese massage. 
No hanky panky, of course.
It was my FIRST TIME for massage.
If not because of my partner, I wont go for it.
But after massage, it was good.
Forgot about the centre name but it was along Jalan Pantai Kuta.

Kuta beach you must go. It was pretty long coastline and beautiful blue sea water.
Of course, surfing board game is most welcomed. 
You could see a lot of dark-skin lean with a bit of muscle guys there.
Yum yum...LOL.
If you're lucky you could see naked like I did.

that's pretty much of Kuta I explored.
Nothing much different from Phuket actually.
Then the next morning we check out Mercure hotel and ready to go back Malaysia.
The End of Bali trip.

Hopefully some day in the near future we can visit Bali again like Julia Roberts in Eat Pray Love, back to Bali again.

Check out photos of Mercure Hotel:

Photo taken from the beach side

Bali (day 4) - Uluwatu

I want to apologize to my readers and friends. I utterly forgot about Bali trip post which I didn't finish writing! I had no idea what was the reason of stopping despite the fact that I continued to post others but not about Bali.

So here today(13th November 2011) I got 1 hour to write this, hopefully you guys can catch up a bit with my story. I will make this post date to where it supposed to be in my blog calendar so that you guys can follow each. 
Unfortunately I can't remember every single detail about day 4 and last day of the trip, but with photos I roughly knew what were we doing on that last 2 days. :)

Let the photos do the talking, shall we? 

In this particular we didn't do much. After all, Bali is about relaxing. We woke up late and walked around area outside Club Med. Then there were few drivers outside Club Med waiting for customers I guess, we 'hired' one of the driver to take us to Uluwatu. It would be ashamed if we didn't go to Uluwatu in this Bali trip. People saying if you go Bali, Uluwatu is a MUST see destination! So we went in the afternoon and see sunset in Uluwatu!

 Before breakfast tummy was small by then. kekeke

Following photos were taken outside Club Med: 


 This is the big roundabout after you enter the Nusa Dua security gate 

 Nusa Dua Beach Resort and Spa entrance

 Inside the Nusa Dua Beach Resort and Spa

  Inside the Nusa Dua Beach Resort and Spa

  Inside the Nusa Dua Beach Resort and Spa

  Inside the Nusa Dua Beach Resort and Spa

After a long walk from outside club med to Nusa Dua Beach Resort and Spa, went through look see look see and walked the coastline from there to Clud Med beach. Back to lounge and had my free mocktail :)

The following photos were taken in Uluwatu! 
 Nice cliff, kan? 

 Of course, to get into Uluwatu temple area, you have to wear that! 

 You have to be VERY careful because monkeys there were trained to be thief and then they steal your camera, sunglasses, wallet, even hair clip. The local men there by then will ask for pay to catch the bad monkey for you to return your belongings. Funny huh? 

 I was right there when this local gentleman dressed in local culture costume, holding his little girl, looking at the sunset. Too bad didn't capture his little girl but I was satisfied with this photo shot.

 breath-taking view...

 That monkey was holding a girl hair clip. Hahaha

We didn't managed to see the Kecak dance because it was expensive and I said no. Hehehe. However I forgot how much it was by then. 
So that's our day 4 in Bali :D
Hope you enjoy!