Saturday, May 8, 2010

Bali (day 2) - Tour day 1 (Ubud, Rice Terrace, Tirtha Empul Temple

We met Bina outside the security guardhouse of Club Med Bali. He was not allowed to drive into lobby area and we were waiting for him at the lobby. I just had to say security there is so strong after bomb incident in year 2002.

This 1st day we've visited Ubud, Ceking Village, Kintamani, Coffee processing down from Kintamani and Tirtha Empul Temple. We've skipped Barong Dance performance and Batik & silversmith village at Batubulan and Celuk. Part of the reason was that we've wasted some time in the morning session.

Ubud is a must-visit town in Bali. Everyone say so. So we did of cos. The most remarkable impression I have of Ubud is that I've met my favorite host Samantha Brown of Discovery Travel & Living. I believe you know Samantha Brown if you're into watching travel & living programme at TV. I saw her in Ubud Palace when she was shooting travel program for Bali with Prince of Bali. Wanna see the photo ? HAHAHA...

I didn't lie, did I ? This photo will be my precious thing! The black shirt guy is the Prince of Bali. Just too bad I didn't invite him to take photo together. I was only focused on Samantha Brown. U know what, my partner and I didn't remember Sam's name until my partner talked to her during their shooting and ask her. So embarrassed front of so many people but it was worthy. Really lucky that day! Great start of the tour day!

We didn't taste "Babi Guling" at all. Locals here they say must try "Babi Guling" if you go to Bali. There was a store opposite Ubud Palace, selling "Babi Guling". We saw 2-3 dogs on the street next to the store & the guy was cutting pig into pieces. We just felt awful & my stomach tells me don't eat. Maybe it was not the right timing. Maybe next time though I guess. Tell me if you tasted it before, does it taste really good?

After that we on the way going up to Kintamani and before reaching the top, we've stop at Ceking Village to see rice terrace. It was amazing. Whole green color front of my eyes. I felt lucky, to see this. It makes me feel simple & peaceful actually. Take a look at this picture, imagine you were there. And now tell me how do you feel ? :-)

There I was. Thrilled & Grateful. 

Heading to Kintamani. The road was so narrow til I could have heart-attack when Bina hons or breaks. Hehe. Had lunch buffet at the restaurant(dont know the name) where you can see Mt.Batur. It was lucky I guess that at least for few seconds I could see Mt.Batur before it vanished and hidden behind fog. Rain stop after we finished buffet. It was just the right time. Lucky again God bless. We headed down to have coffee break at don't-know-name area. There has a lot of tourist there, to taste free coffee. Here, if you have watch "Bucket List", then you will know 1 thing in the list that Morgan Freeman wants to do is to taste a special coffee called Luwak Coffee. Indonesia is famous of this special coffee. Taste it first, and then read the story about it after. HERE is the story of Luwak coffee. Hehehe... will you drink it again after you know the story? LOL.

Left pic: be careful when u step down         Right pic: That's the coffee counter.

This is the seats. There are big mirror facing a beautiful green scenery to be reflected. It was like drinking coffee in the green heaven. Haha!  

The small cups(different coffee) are free to taste but Luwak Coffee is not free. Look at the price. I think its reasonable. We ordered 1 Luwak coffee to share and the rest are free to taste.

In the afternoon session, the last destination before the day end and head back to Club Med Bali, we went to Tirtha Empul Temple. It was beautiful temple and it famous with its holy water. The water is so clear and clean. It tastes better than any water i drink at home or any mineral water. Wahaha. Hindu Balinese go there for purification. It's very hard for me to explain all this story because I don't know all the stories. LOL. Let's see some photos here:
Bina & my partner drink the holy water. Next was my turn.

Asking for forgiveness & purification after.

You can see this giant Bayan Tree with shrines below it at the entrance you going into temple.

Okay, now its my turn for the pose! When go into certain part of the temple, for some reason tourist are must wear sarong & belt for entering the temple. This is me, wearing sarong !

Back to hotel, we had wonderful buffet dinner with free flow of wine. Here it ends 1st tour day. It's bad traffic for Bina to go back to Denpasar after dropped us back to hotel. He told us the next day that he used 2 hours to go back. Poor Bina~ but thank you very much for the tour. We loved it. ;-)


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