Saturday, May 1, 2010

Bali (day 1) - Club Med Bali


i.   Bali (day 1) - Club Med Bali
ii.  Bali (day 2) - Ubud (photo with Samantha Brown), Rice Terrace, Tirtha Empul Temple
iii. Bali (day 3) - Taman Ayun Temple, Ulun Danu Temple at Beratan Lake, Botanic, Tanah Lot Temple
iv. Bali (day 4) - Nusa Dua, Uluwatu
v.  Bali (day 5) - Kuta, Legian

* Edited at 13-11-2011

I don't know anything about Bali when people saying it is a nice & beautiful island. After this trip went to Bali, I'm no longer stranger to Bali. I can't say I really love it but I like it. It is just about spiritual & temples everywhere in Bali. Heard from tour guy-Bina said that approximately 99% of population in Bali are Hindu Balinese. They are influenced by Hindu from Kerala, India (The history of Bali you better do some 'googling' cos I don't know here ). Those temples you see in Bali are Hindu temples. Later I will post some few famous temples in Bali. Keep reading.

My partner and I bought a package from MATTA Fair, Club Med Bali trip (5days4nites - buy1free1) at about $RM 2,600. This is a great deal. I mean consider the original price for 1 person is $RM 2,600 and 2 persons would be $RM 5,200. We saved alot. Why not right? If you like to find out more, please visit Club Med. We also stay in Mercure hotel, Kuta Bali for 1 night after Club Med. So total day in Bali 6D5N from 25th-30th April 2010.

I do not search anything about Bali. What I'm going to say about Bali here is based on what I heard from tour guy and learned from traveling from one to another place. Please correct me If I'm wrong.

My partner hired a tour guy for 2 days. Visited few famous great temples & know little local culture of Balinese. Bina(tour guy) is a very friendly, polite, soft-spoken & descent guy. From one to another place, along the way he would explain to you the details about place you're going to visit. I was keep snapping photo where my partner was the one who talk to him. He's very punctual person & he goes with schedule. If you are a total stranger to Bali and would like to SEE Bali, Bina can provide you such service. Just drop him an email and he will reply to you. Make sure you inquire 3-4 weeks earlier before your flight. This is Bina's little blog about his tour-service (

Okay here I wanna talk about the trip. After 2 hour and 30minutes flight, we arrived in Ngurah Rai Airport‎, Denpasar Bali. Took a cab to Club Med Bali, Nusa Dua costs about $Rp 30k. Please make sure you carry your luggage yourself, otherwise you would be end up paying tips(normally you don't have small changes even tho you change currency to Rupiah from Airport Money Changer) to the guy who will carry for you. Trust me, its not free of charge. Hehe. After 12.7km drive, we arrived Club Med Bali. 

To get inside Nusa Dua area you have to go through some security check. And then to each hotel & resort also they have their own security check. Bali's security is tighter since the bomb incident in Kuta Bali. We checked in and had late lunch and cocktails inside. We walked around Club Med's area & facilities. One disappointment is the Club Med beach although they have nice 5 pavilions on the beach. Was expecting a nice white sandy beach... some internet photo mislead. Kekeke. The food in Club Med for me is as good as from Club Med Phuket.

Club Med always have activities for guests daily. This is one of the night show performed by G.O.s there. 

We had around 3 cocktails at least per day each, so total is 24 of cocktails/mocktails approximately the whole 5days stay in Club Med. Cocktails & mocktails are included in the package as well. So you can drink as much as you want during your stay. It's FREE! Hehehe.

I guess I'm gonna need to write few more posts because I'm not even start writing about temples' tour by now. Hmm.. let it be part 1 then. Continue part 2.

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