Sunday, May 23, 2010

Pasta Zanmai @ Hartamas Shopping Centre

We wanted something different from what we used to have for weekend's dinner, which usually just a few same places around our area like OneStop Cafe(大家乐), Thai stall under the large tree, OldTown, ZhengLaoHiong(正留香) and etc. We don't feel bored with them but just want something new. So we went to Hartamas Shopping Centre(5 min drive from Saffron Condo, Sentul East to Hartams Shopping Centre) to search for something we haven't try before. There are alot of fine dining restaurant in Hartamas Shopping Centre, but we chose Pasta Zanmai, an outlet of SuperSushi Sdn Bhd Malaysia. Pasta Zanmai is located next near to Kim Gary Restaurant.

I'm not sure why we so love it...because we were too hungry that time or the menu just too great for us. Hehe. We had ordered 2 different sets for both of us from May Special Menu. The prices are cheap & reasonable.

Set 1: Mini Teriyaki Chicken Pasta to Mini Hotate Pizza (RM 22)
 (Mini Grilled Chicken Pasta & Mini Prawn/Scallop Pizza)

Set 2: Mini Ebi Tempura no Gomadare Pasta to Mini Unagi Rice (RM 22)
(Mini Fried Prawn Sesame Sauce Pasta, Mini Roasted Eel Rice & Miso Soup)

Dessert: Choco Banana (RM 15)

The dessert menu you can actually find it in Sushi Zanmai as well. For example, they have this Choco Banana which is my all time favourite from dessert menu. If you go, must try this. It is sweet banana and chocolate ice cream with cornflakes in between. Bravo! Ocha RM 3 for 1 pot (2cups, hot water refill)

The services are good as Sushi Zanmai and they have round table seating for couples and a good place to hang out just to catch up with friends as well as families. This is what i recommend to you all for this weekend. Watch out for next weekend's post. Thanks for reading my posts. :)

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