Saturday, May 29, 2010

Xian Ding Wei (鲜定味) @One Utama, Wok Hei Restaurant @Hartamas

 After Wesak day, today we had tried 2 new restaurant: Xian Ding Wei (鲜定味) and Wok Hei(Chinese & Malay cooking). First we went to Xian Ding Wei @ One Utama Shopping Centre. Last time we went there we did not try it and this time we did it. Xian Ding Wei is a taiwanese food restaurant where most of the menu are comes with set, just like Fong Lye Restaurant @ The Gardens. They both are taiwanese food restaurant. So it is non-halal. The moment we got there we were comparing the menu set and price with Fong Lye. Ha ha. In deep, this Xian Ding Wei is cheaper than Fong Lye and the food portion is much more than Fong Lye serves. And yet, Xian Ding Wei has refillable Chinese tea that costs you only RM 2. If Fong Lye, the cheapest drink is canned drink like Coke as I remembered, correct me if i'm wrong. Xian Ding Wei also provides credit card payment as long as your bill amount is more than RM 30. Again! - Fong Lye only accept CASH.

Here is the snapshot:

You can see the menu is similiar to Fong Lye's menu. (I lost my bill receipt, so no price available here. Sorry)

As far as I know, they have branches at Sunway Pyramid and One Utama Shopping Centre, another one at Queensbay Penang.Give it a try. :)

During dinner, we went to Sri Hartamas Shopping Centre. Last weekend we had Pasta Zanmai there, and this time we try Wok Hei as located opposite Pasta Zanmai. The dishes actually you can find it in those Chinese 'Tai Chao'(大抄) restaurant, except Wok Hei is halal. It's not bad. 3 dishes 2 bowls of rice 2 drinks costs me about RM 45. Here is the only photo I have:

Two days of hunting down food, I feel like gaining extra 2kg....He he. Lazy me, lazy to exercise. Ha ha. Tomorrow is Sunday, so probably is another food hunting day. God Bless and thank you God for all the food I have. Of course an infinity thank you to my partner too.

Enjoy your lovely weekend all my friends.

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