Saturday, June 26, 2010

Eat Non-stop Saturday

God bless! My stomach was full whole day. Eat non-stop at Pavilion area. Let's quickly get into details of my meals today. Hehe.

Today's plan is to go Westin Hotel have free meal at EEST Dim Sum Restaurant for lunch. Here's the photos:

I LOVE the desserts! I had Dim Sum, porridge, dessert & Pu-Erh Tea. We arrived 12pm and spent 2 hours here having all this. Hehe. 

Actually went to this restaurant few times and the reason is because its Dim Sum buffet! Eat all you can! Hahaha. If you are buffet type person and like Dim Sum, then this is the place for you. RM88++ per person. Please make sure you have reservation with them if you wanna go on the weekends because most of the weekends are fully booked. ;) 

EEST (Phone: (60)(3) 2731 8333)

Cuisine: Chinese
hours: Wednesday - Sunday 12:00 PM - 2:30 PM; 6:00 PM - 10:30 PM
Atmosphere: Modernistic approach to elements of nature
Setting: Modern Zen

Toy Stories 3 was good and funny. If  you haven't watch it, please do and have a laugh. Hehe. After movie around 4.40pm, we went on and looked for a dessert shop called My Honeymoon. It is located at Level 1, Pavilion. Food Court floor actually and the shop is very small but I guess you can spot it. Here's the photo of the shop. 

Partner's nephew said the dessert is good so we had a try. It was good indeed. We've ordered Mango Magic and ice blended honeydew drink. I love mango, so my partner purposely look for this shop after heard his nephew's recommendation. Will go there again next time visit Pavilion. 

Mango Magic RM 12

After dessert time, we shopped in Speedy, hunting for DVDs. Haha. Just kidding. I didn't buy any tho, just my partner loves movie and have to get 1 or 2 DVDs. :-D We spent almost 1 hour inside Speedy and end up happily with 2 DVDs-1.IP Man 2 2.Schindler's List.

For dinner we had burger in Subway, Pavilion. It is different experience at Kelana Giant's area branch and this branch. In Kelana Giant's area, it was free refill drink but in Pavilion you have to pay extra RM1 for refill. It's okay...I was full anyway so no need refill my Coke. Haha. 

So that's my whole day, eat non-stop. After Dim Sum buffet, my stomach was so big (bigger than when holiday in Club Med Bali ). Always tell myself that during eat must finish it all, appreciate the food when we can have it. Enjoy it while we can. That's how I get my little tummy...Oops..big tummy by now. Hehe. 

EEST *****
My Honeymoon *****

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