Sunday, July 25, 2010

Another great weekend

Great entertainment weekend. Went for movie 'Inception' and Nanta Cookin performance on Saturday & eat non-stop again on Sunday. Just like that, weekend is gone......again.

How is this weekend to you all my friends ? (No one read my post and i talk to nobody. Geezz)
This weekend is great. On Saturday, we went to watch 'Inception' Premiere Class Hall at GSC Signature @The Gardens. Duration was 2 hours 30 minutes & I love the story - the whole idea of INCEPTION. You have to watch if you're a crazy sci-fiction fans :) Click here for 'Inception' in Youtube.

After the movie, we went to KL Convention Centre for stage performance by Korean, called 'Nanta Cookin'. First time experience in such a big stage and hall. Got 20% discount on the cheapest ticket seat, which after deduction was RM59. Not to say perfect seating but satisfied to me. I love the show because of the fun & crowds together enjoy it. I can't help myself from laugh out loud tho. Hahaha! Here's the plenary hall :

On Sunday, I get to lunch with my best friend Terry & his girlfriend. After that, I shop for few pants that well-fit to my new waist measurement, which is 32inches. I always like my waist to be around 32inches and now I did it. In the same time, I really have to keep fit on my tummy (only God knows when will I start to do it). For this lunch DimSum buffet We've booked reservation about 2 weeks earlier due to EEST's business is doing so well and always fully booked. So this time we 4 people dine-in and spent about 2 1/2 hours. Usually just my partner and me, this time was with Terry & Stephy. There were few dishes we've just tried today and I took one photo of it (below). There was Durian Pancake also. DELICIOUS muack !

I have to give credits to the hospitality of EEST staff management. They were so helpful and friendly. Everytime we go there, they never change their face expression, which carry the BIG smile on their face. Haha. Good job!

Dinner at home sweet home, a friend of my partner came down KL and brought the 游记面包鸡 (Curry Chicken Bread) which is famous in Kampar. It is also my first time to taste this and it was great. I am so full now as usual, writing this post before shower, before bed time. Its curry chicken inside the bread. There is a paper wrap up the curry chicken so that when you 'tear' the bread apart the curry sauce won't split out. Enjoy it. And thanks to the friend as well. Here's some photo for you guys.