Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Dinner at Edo Ichi @Solaris Dutamas

We've planned this about 2-3 days ago that we will go to Edo Ichi @Solaris Dutamas to enjoy one last time of 20% discount. It is because we are going away to Sydney this Thursday and won't be back until 1st of September 2010, which means if we don't go dining there it will be no more chance to enjoy 20% discount. The promotion ends this month. You must think I'm a cheapskate. Whatever!~?~ hehe

This time I failed to take the food photo because my n97 is not a genius on taking dark-scenery picture. ~Skip~ However, I took the photos from menu. Haha. Sorry to you guys, can't see the real meal photo. This time we ordered something different than previous visit. I like all of them though.There was one item I didn't take the photo from menu - Tofu Steak (RM 18). I picked it though. Like the tofu & sliced beef. The price of each item is already stated in the picture.

If you really interested in this Japanese Cuisine, this is the full address. I do not have the contact number. Forgot to get from them. LOL.

Address: click here for Map
Edo Ichi Japanese Cuisine,
A4-G1-1, Solaris Dutamas,
No. 1, Jalan Dutamas 1, 
50480 Kuala Lumpur.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Subway @ Rivercity Jalan Ipoh

Friday 20-8-2010 after work we went to Rivercity Jalan Ipoh for Subway's sandwich burger as our dinner. We've been to branches like Kelana Jaya & Mid Valley, and now they open new branch nearby our living place-Sentul. The new branch is located at RiveryCity, Jalan Ipoh. Thien Ho (天河) restaurant & Old Town are located in the same area as this new Subway. 

Subway Rivercity opened at Thursday 19-8-2010 if not mistaken. They have daily set as well & free drink during this Ramadhan month. It is located in the corner shop, and opposite of HSBC bank (Jalan Ipoh-Jalan Selvadurai). Perfect location. My mind was imagining earning the money just like the waterfall, the water flows never end. Hehe. It requires capital & sharp observation. Great job! I wish I was the boss. Hehe. 

We ordered a foot long sandwich with just extra RM 8. If you order normal 6 inches long sandwich will cost you about RM 10 - 13 depending on the type of sandwich, and with just add on RM 8, you can get a foot long sandwich instead of 6 inches long sandwich. If you're hungry or good eater, I think worth to get one though. Of course it was not daily set, so we ended up buying one drink coke (RM 2.50) to share. And also, you have to ask them to give you more lettuce if you like vegetable because they gonna give you less. I don't know why. Probably because this branch is new. We went to Kelana Jaya & Mid Valley branch, they give a lot of lettuce & I just love it!

Do you like Subway ? :)

Subway@Rivercity Jln Ipoh *****

Monday, August 16, 2010

Pasta Zanmai @Mid Valley

Sunday noon we went to Klang to give the Celcom broadband to my cousin & test the signal. Unfortunately the signal wasn't 3G. So it was damn slow even loading facebook login page. I'm not sure about the area name, but it is Jalan Haji Sirat. One good thing was that, we managed to have Bak Kut Teh nearby. I don't know the name also but this one was our 'kampung' people's favorite spot. It was tasty, and the pork was good. Not too fat though. I didn't take photo of it. Sorry guys. Next time then.

For dinner we had Pasta Zanmai's SET back in Mid Valley. I don't know the pretty words to describe their meals, but I'm always a eater. Food is good & I'm full, I am satisfied. Their special meal set comes in variety. I have to warn you it is big portion & you might want to share the set with your lover/friend. The biggest deal is that, it is cheap. Check it out yourself and tell me if you don't think its cheap for the set price. We didn't know there is Pasta Zanmai in Mid Valley because we hardly shop to that corner. It will be in our dinner-list then.

Hope you guys enjoy your weekend as much as I did. 

Pasta Zanmai @Mid Valley: *****
One of the corner

Special partition for a family table

Below 2 photos are in 1 set RM 23 (comes with Miso Soup): 
1st pic: Mini Chicken Katsu Rice
2nd pic: Mini Ikura Salman Sashimi Pasta

1 set RM 23 (comes with Miso Soup)
1st pic: Mini Tori Karaage Garlic Rice
2nd pic: Mini Kaki Kimuchi Pasta

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Essence @ Sheraton Hotel + Salt movie @Pavilion + RiverCity @Jalan Ipoh

Two weeks later yesterday we went to Hi-Tea lunch buffet at Essence, Sheraton Hotel KL again. It was the same served-food probably because its hi-tea buffet and it provided only local food cuisine with some Japanese sushi & wonderful desserts! Hehe. If you look at the dessert bar, the colorful desserts will just make you feel 'WOW' with your eyes wide open, if you seldom dining at hotel though. I just 'WOW' everytime I go there. LOL.

You have to spend at least 2 hours there. Take fruits first, and then read newspaper or have little conversation with your partner/friends/family. Next will be salad, one of my favorite part in dining buffet since I began to enjoy buffet. After salad, you can take anything you like to eat. Dessert is the last you will touch. And you can have coffee or tea afterward for tea-time. It will be the end of hi-tea buffet. Of course it is your call on how would you like it to be. Just enjoy yourself there. Forget about your boss's harsh word on you. Forget about what work to be accomplished next Monday. Forget about work process flow. Extinguish the work from your brain & just enjoy the food & quality time with family for once. It's weekend for Chris sake! Haha. 

Here's how I enjoy my buffet:

Step 1: eat fruits first. It is mistake by most people having fruits after meal. If you don't believe, please email me and I will forward you the fact. :)

Step 2: Have a quick reading of what's hot in the newspaper & then salad next

 Step 3: Eat whatever you want next. LOL. There are Chinese, Malay, Indian, Japanese food section.

Step 4: Desserts come next

After hi-tea, we went to movie-The Salt at Pavilion Bukit Bintang. It was good entertaining action movie from the moment movie starts til the end. It just keep you wondering what's gonna happen next. I'm not a fan of action movie type, but maybe that's why it gave me such feeling. LOL. 

Ramadhan Bazaar at RiverCity Jalan Ipoh was our next stop for dinner. Thought of grabbing some Malay 'kuih' to eat but ended up dinner at Old Town for the promotion item (picture below). There were no many stalls open for the event, that's why we can't find 'kuih' to buy. About 25% of stalls open, and yet only 10% out of 25% stalls were actually sell food & drink. There was no crowd at all. Hope next year will be better.

It costs only RM 13.90, special promotion during 'Puasa' month.

I love the drink & dessert though.

Here end another day. Sunday will be just relax at home. Enjoy my friends.

Happy weekend to you all.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Friday after work + Edo Ichi @Solaris Dutamas

First Friday in 'Puasa' month, heavy traffic jam after work in most of city corners. I thought myself lucky because I parked my car in Korean area & easy for me to go out after work. RM 4 car park next to Ampang Puteri Hopistal area was heavy jam and couldn't move at all for all exit (I knew it), so I thought of using crossroads traffic fight to enter MRR II (front of Flamingo Hotel). I was wrong. That side was in a long queue. I couldn't stop my car and forced-entry from the right. So I have to keep going straight - to Jalan Ampang. It was a mistake also. Traffic jam everywhere. HELL, it was 13rd the Friday as I talked to myself. As usual, I took the left-turn after Petronas station (shortcut to skip jam in Jalan Ampang). After 2 minutes the left-turn, I caught myself stuck again. Haha. In K.L, we just couldn't skip the heavy traffic especially in a raining day! Well, long story about this, so I just skip to my dinner then.

Was plan to Ramadan Bazaar at RiverCity (Jalan Ipoh), but it was raining. So we went to Solaris Dutamas for dinner. The car parking system is already completed and no more free parking then. It was fair though. Still, there are some people park their car along the roadside, causing 3 road lanes become 2 lanes. Bastard retarded doesn't know the law! Moron! (This is one side of me when I see things like this happens :p ).

Parked my car in the basement and we headed to Edo Ichi (江户一). We've been seeing the unit from renovation to now completed site with fully occupied by customers. It was a blessed. They have done it very nice & cozy & perfect lighting color. Unfortunately I wasn't able to sit one of the comfort table like next to aquarium, table inside a wooden up&down cottage (not sure the proper word to describe, sorry) and big dining-room suite. I was sitting at the sushi bar with dead fishes 'looking' at me fiercely. Haha. But basically I love the interior design!

Probably because of new branch, their service was not good but okay I could say. They seem don't communicate with each staff and less coordination of job-task. We've been waiting for so long and the table comes after us already food served on their table. Some how they didn't print out our order & pass to kitchen! Geez! Nevermind I said to myself. I could hold on my breathe during traffic jam for 1 hour I believe I can do it again. But I was so hungry. Haha. Yet again another issue, the staff ordered the wrong item for us, supposed to be seafood fried rice & they gave us seafood porridge. HAHAHAHA!

The dead fishes in front of me, looking at me fiercely still. Finally our items served. It was absolutely extinguished my fire (anger) & blown away my heat (hot). Very tasty & good quality. I love it! I love them all. A few hours of anger, exhaustion and tiredness, I feel better after the meals. In medical term, I believe excellent food can cure anything. GOOD news to tell you guys. It is now 20% discount for all items in this opening month. I strongly recommend this. Please go and enjoy yourself. (Don't feel piss off with their service okay. Just give them time..haha)


Edo Ichi at Solaris Dutamas (front entrance)

See! FULL of customers!

20 % discount for all items

Entrance look

This is Sushi bar. As you can see here, the fishes were looking at me. Haha

Shake Tataki Roll (RM 28)

Gyu Suji Omelette (RM 16)

Gyu Niku Amiyaki (RM 18)

This is the seafood fried rice. Gyokai Yakimeshi (RM 12)

Mushroom fried rice. Nameko Yakimeshi (RM 10)

Selamat Berpuasa to all Malay friends.

Edo Ichi *****

Friday, August 13, 2010

McDonald's Burger OUT of stock

I was quite surprised over the service provided by McDonald's branch at Ampang Point, that they delayed orders.

As you can see from the picture. There were about 4-5 staffs at the counter area with their back & butt facing customers. They were waiting. Customers unfortunately I was there, were waiting. We all were waiting for burger! Where were the f*cking burgers? No stock? Geeezzz..!

10 minutes I waited there and observed their operation. I found out, there were only 2 men preparing the burgers in burger section. And normally McD will get burgers prepared before any purchase comes in. What happened? McD never has this kind of situation before I thought. I was wrong then. Hehe. Few customers were really pissed and went off with a 'McD really f*ck up!' kinda look. Haha

I know its 'Puasa' month & they do not expect the crowds during lunch hour. But no burger is prepared? I wondered. I've been to so many branches of McD in KL & PJ, never ever I have bad experience with McD. All friends are always praising the great quality of service by McD & their management is outstanding and so on. Well, this is something unexpected of an highly expectation then.Good luck McD.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Short visit to Empire Mall at Subang Jaya

Today after haircut at DeHair Room Kelana Jaya, we went Empire Mall at SS16. It wasn't difficult to find it as long as you know where is SS16 or Subang Parade. You can also go by KTM.

It wasn't as I expected. 'Empire' sounds so grand & spectacle. Unfortunately it wasn't. So many bad comments about the car park system (personally to me) even though it is free for now. An award of ugly interior design shall be given to this Empire Mall I dare to say. What else? The walkways are very small & all kind of stalls located at the center of walkways. They have the crowds I admit, probably because of the free parking now. Will not going there again if not necessary.

Sao Nam Restaurant, Empire Mall (Tel: 03-21441225)

However, we had lunch there at Sao Nam restaurant. According to their website (I believe their website is outsourced. Messy! ), I believe they closed the branch at Sri Hartamas and moved to here, Empire Mall. The food was good. We ordered Lamb Curry and KaiLan Beef with rice. Super good and enough for 2 person. I love the gravy and lamb curry. It wasn't spicy at all. It was sweet & tasty. The rice was expensive tho. I hope is imported rice from Vietnam. Haha. MUACK! Here's the photo:

Lamb Curry (RM 34), KaiLan Beef (RM 18), Steam Rice (RM 3 per bowl)

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Burger King of Mid Valley

"French Chicken".
    "Set Large ke?".
"One BK double - black pepper".

End up we get French Chicken burger without they heat it up because I can see that the cheese is not hot & melt. Okay, so I went to counter and told the guy to heat it up. He wore glasses and looking at me with a old-man eye contact when normally old-man does if doing reading. I looked at him and said, can you heat it up!

He handed my burger to another staff inside to get it into oven to heat it up. And then he takes a new hot French Chicken burger to me. So I wonder they gonna "re-sell" the one I took just now because I touched and pressed it ? HAHAHA! Bad management!

This is the new one they replaced for me. It looks so small as compare to other branch I had b4.

Next what happen was my partner's burger wasn't the one he ordered. It came 'BK single' burger. It was so small! So he went & told the counter guy. The guy immediately gave him a new burger. This time was correct. The weird thing is that, the counter guy gave the BK double burger to my partner without checking the receipt. It's like he knows he gave us the wrong item.

I was so disappointed with this branch.The reason could be they are newly trained. After all, the burger king branch is just opened recently. I guess.

Burger King is always my 1st choice of burger and the burger I order is only French Chicken set. I had it in few branches and this one is my 1st bad experience with Burger King. Not just the quality of service but the burger was smaller than the usual one I have in other branch. It was just terrible moment. 

Burger King of Mid Valley, will be in my ban list. Sorry.