Saturday, May 8, 2010

Bali (day 3) - tour day 2 (temples)

It's tour day 2 by Bina -our tour guide man! In this particular day, we've visited 3 popular temples in Bali. These temples scenery you can find it in postcard. :)

1st temple, we going to the royal family temple called Taman Ayun Temple. When we arrived there, I see nothing look the same as in the picture. There was no Mountain-looked-alike temple! It was just a wide beautiful landscape of garden.

Actually this garden located in front courtyard and the simply amazing Taman Ayun Temple is at the back. I don't know the whole history(click here for history of Taman Ayun Temple) but according to Bina said that the King gave order to build the temple and 'Meru' are built to represent 3 tallest mountains in Bali, so that the King and the royal family can visit 3 in one temple and perform prayers. Therefore the temple is private. Public and tourists are not allowed to enter. We are only allowed to walk surround the temple and take photos. You will know if you get there. Its worthy. Allow me to present you the simply-amazing the Taman Ayun Temple:

In Taman Ayun Temple, there is a interesting building that in old times locals used to have cockfighting match/event. It is popular game in Balinese culture. Below photo :

Next temple was Ulun Danu Temple at Beratan Lake. This temple is opened for tourist. They perform prayers regardless tourist videotaping and snapping photo during the whole process. It was amazing. Here I snapped some photos, hope you guys like it (I lazy to write in details as this blog is 2 months late-post. Hehe)

We were heading to Bali Botanic Garden after lunch. I never been to any botanic garden in Malaysia so I have no idea how it should be looked like. Bali Botanic Garden shows me harmony & peace with green color. It has beautiful green forest, colorful flowers that I've never seen before, weird & unique plants that I've no idea it is exists in this world. It's a MUST visit if you go Bali. Here I show some photos only. Enjoy:

It was drizzling weather and we had to go to our next station - Tanah Lot Temple. We left Botanic Garden at about 2.20pm and reached Tanah Lot around 3.50pm. The journey ride took about 1 & 1/2 hour. Here we go, our last temple in our day trip. Actually the temple is not just one but few. The main temple of course build on the huge rock beside the Indian Ocean. We were expecting stunning sunset view at the evening but we didn't. I don't remember the reason though. Haha. Please do this little thing that I did when I get there in front of Tanah Lot Temple which is, look around the temple, then close your eyes, deep breathe slowly, release breathe slowly & in the same time doing breathe release please open your eyes slowly AND remember once you open your eyes please keep looking around you. You will feel wonderful. Marvelous, amazing & unbelievable feeling that your whole body is feeling it. It it really lucky to be there. It is the picture that you will never forget in your life. Okay, here I end the story for today. Let's take a look at my photos:

Tanah Lot Temple on the Rock (above)

Tanah Lot Temple - far view (above)

There is another temple on that side (above)

Snapshot of Tanah Lot Temple from the other coastal area (above)

That's Batu Bolong Temple where there is a big hole under the temple (above)

Without me in the photo. Amazing isn't it?


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