Saturday, August 7, 2010

Burger King of Mid Valley

"French Chicken".
    "Set Large ke?".
"One BK double - black pepper".

End up we get French Chicken burger without they heat it up because I can see that the cheese is not hot & melt. Okay, so I went to counter and told the guy to heat it up. He wore glasses and looking at me with a old-man eye contact when normally old-man does if doing reading. I looked at him and said, can you heat it up!

He handed my burger to another staff inside to get it into oven to heat it up. And then he takes a new hot French Chicken burger to me. So I wonder they gonna "re-sell" the one I took just now because I touched and pressed it ? HAHAHA! Bad management!

This is the new one they replaced for me. It looks so small as compare to other branch I had b4.

Next what happen was my partner's burger wasn't the one he ordered. It came 'BK single' burger. It was so small! So he went & told the counter guy. The guy immediately gave him a new burger. This time was correct. The weird thing is that, the counter guy gave the BK double burger to my partner without checking the receipt. It's like he knows he gave us the wrong item.

I was so disappointed with this branch.The reason could be they are newly trained. After all, the burger king branch is just opened recently. I guess.

Burger King is always my 1st choice of burger and the burger I order is only French Chicken set. I had it in few branches and this one is my 1st bad experience with Burger King. Not just the quality of service but the burger was smaller than the usual one I have in other branch. It was just terrible moment. 

Burger King of Mid Valley, will be in my ban list. Sorry. 

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