Sunday, August 15, 2010

Essence @ Sheraton Hotel + Salt movie @Pavilion + RiverCity @Jalan Ipoh

Two weeks later yesterday we went to Hi-Tea lunch buffet at Essence, Sheraton Hotel KL again. It was the same served-food probably because its hi-tea buffet and it provided only local food cuisine with some Japanese sushi & wonderful desserts! Hehe. If you look at the dessert bar, the colorful desserts will just make you feel 'WOW' with your eyes wide open, if you seldom dining at hotel though. I just 'WOW' everytime I go there. LOL.

You have to spend at least 2 hours there. Take fruits first, and then read newspaper or have little conversation with your partner/friends/family. Next will be salad, one of my favorite part in dining buffet since I began to enjoy buffet. After salad, you can take anything you like to eat. Dessert is the last you will touch. And you can have coffee or tea afterward for tea-time. It will be the end of hi-tea buffet. Of course it is your call on how would you like it to be. Just enjoy yourself there. Forget about your boss's harsh word on you. Forget about what work to be accomplished next Monday. Forget about work process flow. Extinguish the work from your brain & just enjoy the food & quality time with family for once. It's weekend for Chris sake! Haha. 

Here's how I enjoy my buffet:

Step 1: eat fruits first. It is mistake by most people having fruits after meal. If you don't believe, please email me and I will forward you the fact. :)

Step 2: Have a quick reading of what's hot in the newspaper & then salad next

 Step 3: Eat whatever you want next. LOL. There are Chinese, Malay, Indian, Japanese food section.

Step 4: Desserts come next

After hi-tea, we went to movie-The Salt at Pavilion Bukit Bintang. It was good entertaining action movie from the moment movie starts til the end. It just keep you wondering what's gonna happen next. I'm not a fan of action movie type, but maybe that's why it gave me such feeling. LOL. 

Ramadhan Bazaar at RiverCity Jalan Ipoh was our next stop for dinner. Thought of grabbing some Malay 'kuih' to eat but ended up dinner at Old Town for the promotion item (picture below). There were no many stalls open for the event, that's why we can't find 'kuih' to buy. About 25% of stalls open, and yet only 10% out of 25% stalls were actually sell food & drink. There was no crowd at all. Hope next year will be better.

It costs only RM 13.90, special promotion during 'Puasa' month.

I love the drink & dessert though.

Here end another day. Sunday will be just relax at home. Enjoy my friends.

Happy weekend to you all.

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