Saturday, August 14, 2010

Friday after work + Edo Ichi @Solaris Dutamas

First Friday in 'Puasa' month, heavy traffic jam after work in most of city corners. I thought myself lucky because I parked my car in Korean area & easy for me to go out after work. RM 4 car park next to Ampang Puteri Hopistal area was heavy jam and couldn't move at all for all exit (I knew it), so I thought of using crossroads traffic fight to enter MRR II (front of Flamingo Hotel). I was wrong. That side was in a long queue. I couldn't stop my car and forced-entry from the right. So I have to keep going straight - to Jalan Ampang. It was a mistake also. Traffic jam everywhere. HELL, it was 13rd the Friday as I talked to myself. As usual, I took the left-turn after Petronas station (shortcut to skip jam in Jalan Ampang). After 2 minutes the left-turn, I caught myself stuck again. Haha. In K.L, we just couldn't skip the heavy traffic especially in a raining day! Well, long story about this, so I just skip to my dinner then.

Was plan to Ramadan Bazaar at RiverCity (Jalan Ipoh), but it was raining. So we went to Solaris Dutamas for dinner. The car parking system is already completed and no more free parking then. It was fair though. Still, there are some people park their car along the roadside, causing 3 road lanes become 2 lanes. Bastard retarded doesn't know the law! Moron! (This is one side of me when I see things like this happens :p ).

Parked my car in the basement and we headed to Edo Ichi (江户一). We've been seeing the unit from renovation to now completed site with fully occupied by customers. It was a blessed. They have done it very nice & cozy & perfect lighting color. Unfortunately I wasn't able to sit one of the comfort table like next to aquarium, table inside a wooden up&down cottage (not sure the proper word to describe, sorry) and big dining-room suite. I was sitting at the sushi bar with dead fishes 'looking' at me fiercely. Haha. But basically I love the interior design!

Probably because of new branch, their service was not good but okay I could say. They seem don't communicate with each staff and less coordination of job-task. We've been waiting for so long and the table comes after us already food served on their table. Some how they didn't print out our order & pass to kitchen! Geez! Nevermind I said to myself. I could hold on my breathe during traffic jam for 1 hour I believe I can do it again. But I was so hungry. Haha. Yet again another issue, the staff ordered the wrong item for us, supposed to be seafood fried rice & they gave us seafood porridge. HAHAHAHA!

The dead fishes in front of me, looking at me fiercely still. Finally our items served. It was absolutely extinguished my fire (anger) & blown away my heat (hot). Very tasty & good quality. I love it! I love them all. A few hours of anger, exhaustion and tiredness, I feel better after the meals. In medical term, I believe excellent food can cure anything. GOOD news to tell you guys. It is now 20% discount for all items in this opening month. I strongly recommend this. Please go and enjoy yourself. (Don't feel piss off with their service okay. Just give them time..haha)


Edo Ichi at Solaris Dutamas (front entrance)

See! FULL of customers!

20 % discount for all items

Entrance look

This is Sushi bar. As you can see here, the fishes were looking at me. Haha

Shake Tataki Roll (RM 28)

Gyu Suji Omelette (RM 16)

Gyu Niku Amiyaki (RM 18)

This is the seafood fried rice. Gyokai Yakimeshi (RM 12)

Mushroom fried rice. Nameko Yakimeshi (RM 10)

Selamat Berpuasa to all Malay friends.

Edo Ichi *****

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