Friday, August 13, 2010

McDonald's Burger OUT of stock

I was quite surprised over the service provided by McDonald's branch at Ampang Point, that they delayed orders.

As you can see from the picture. There were about 4-5 staffs at the counter area with their back & butt facing customers. They were waiting. Customers unfortunately I was there, were waiting. We all were waiting for burger! Where were the f*cking burgers? No stock? Geeezzz..!

10 minutes I waited there and observed their operation. I found out, there were only 2 men preparing the burgers in burger section. And normally McD will get burgers prepared before any purchase comes in. What happened? McD never has this kind of situation before I thought. I was wrong then. Hehe. Few customers were really pissed and went off with a 'McD really f*ck up!' kinda look. Haha

I know its 'Puasa' month & they do not expect the crowds during lunch hour. But no burger is prepared? I wondered. I've been to so many branches of McD in KL & PJ, never ever I have bad experience with McD. All friends are always praising the great quality of service by McD & their management is outstanding and so on. Well, this is something unexpected of an highly expectation then.Good luck McD.

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