Monday, August 16, 2010

Pasta Zanmai @Mid Valley

Sunday noon we went to Klang to give the Celcom broadband to my cousin & test the signal. Unfortunately the signal wasn't 3G. So it was damn slow even loading facebook login page. I'm not sure about the area name, but it is Jalan Haji Sirat. One good thing was that, we managed to have Bak Kut Teh nearby. I don't know the name also but this one was our 'kampung' people's favorite spot. It was tasty, and the pork was good. Not too fat though. I didn't take photo of it. Sorry guys. Next time then.

For dinner we had Pasta Zanmai's SET back in Mid Valley. I don't know the pretty words to describe their meals, but I'm always a eater. Food is good & I'm full, I am satisfied. Their special meal set comes in variety. I have to warn you it is big portion & you might want to share the set with your lover/friend. The biggest deal is that, it is cheap. Check it out yourself and tell me if you don't think its cheap for the set price. We didn't know there is Pasta Zanmai in Mid Valley because we hardly shop to that corner. It will be in our dinner-list then.

Hope you guys enjoy your weekend as much as I did. 

Pasta Zanmai @Mid Valley: *****
One of the corner

Special partition for a family table

Below 2 photos are in 1 set RM 23 (comes with Miso Soup): 
1st pic: Mini Chicken Katsu Rice
2nd pic: Mini Ikura Salman Sashimi Pasta

1 set RM 23 (comes with Miso Soup)
1st pic: Mini Tori Karaage Garlic Rice
2nd pic: Mini Kaki Kimuchi Pasta

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