Saturday, August 21, 2010

Subway @ Rivercity Jalan Ipoh

Friday 20-8-2010 after work we went to Rivercity Jalan Ipoh for Subway's sandwich burger as our dinner. We've been to branches like Kelana Jaya & Mid Valley, and now they open new branch nearby our living place-Sentul. The new branch is located at RiveryCity, Jalan Ipoh. Thien Ho (天河) restaurant & Old Town are located in the same area as this new Subway. 

Subway Rivercity opened at Thursday 19-8-2010 if not mistaken. They have daily set as well & free drink during this Ramadhan month. It is located in the corner shop, and opposite of HSBC bank (Jalan Ipoh-Jalan Selvadurai). Perfect location. My mind was imagining earning the money just like the waterfall, the water flows never end. Hehe. It requires capital & sharp observation. Great job! I wish I was the boss. Hehe. 

We ordered a foot long sandwich with just extra RM 8. If you order normal 6 inches long sandwich will cost you about RM 10 - 13 depending on the type of sandwich, and with just add on RM 8, you can get a foot long sandwich instead of 6 inches long sandwich. If you're hungry or good eater, I think worth to get one though. Of course it was not daily set, so we ended up buying one drink coke (RM 2.50) to share. And also, you have to ask them to give you more lettuce if you like vegetable because they gonna give you less. I don't know why. Probably because this branch is new. We went to Kelana Jaya & Mid Valley branch, they give a lot of lettuce & I just love it!

Do you like Subway ? :)

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