Sunday, August 8, 2010

Short visit to Empire Mall at Subang Jaya

Today after haircut at DeHair Room Kelana Jaya, we went Empire Mall at SS16. It wasn't difficult to find it as long as you know where is SS16 or Subang Parade. You can also go by KTM.

It wasn't as I expected. 'Empire' sounds so grand & spectacle. Unfortunately it wasn't. So many bad comments about the car park system (personally to me) even though it is free for now. An award of ugly interior design shall be given to this Empire Mall I dare to say. What else? The walkways are very small & all kind of stalls located at the center of walkways. They have the crowds I admit, probably because of the free parking now. Will not going there again if not necessary.

Sao Nam Restaurant, Empire Mall (Tel: 03-21441225)

However, we had lunch there at Sao Nam restaurant. According to their website (I believe their website is outsourced. Messy! ), I believe they closed the branch at Sri Hartamas and moved to here, Empire Mall. The food was good. We ordered Lamb Curry and KaiLan Beef with rice. Super good and enough for 2 person. I love the gravy and lamb curry. It wasn't spicy at all. It was sweet & tasty. The rice was expensive tho. I hope is imported rice from Vietnam. Haha. MUACK! Here's the photo:

Lamb Curry (RM 34), KaiLan Beef (RM 18), Steam Rice (RM 3 per bowl)

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