Thursday, September 30, 2010

Mooncake Tea Party

I have this small mooncake tea party last Friday (24.09.2010) and overall I was happy my friends enjoyed it, even though half of the guests didn't turn up. However, maybe it was meant to be, God's will, that they couldn't make it and it happened to rain as well. Started at 8pm, first I received sms from colleagues that they couldn't make it last minute. Then the rain started to pouring down. I was like, oh my God, why this thing always happen? I said never mind, move back to unit and waited for those who could come.

Red Lantern - snow skin Kirsch lotus paste with cheese and raspberry
 Nick rating: *****

I hope they liked the mooncakes. I bought them on Wednesday (Lantern Festival Day) night in Mid Valley. I didn't have much choices because all mooncakes in Jusco were all sold out except last 4 pieces which not comes in variety. However, the guy was so kind and sold it to me at RM 11.70 for 4 pieces which means I got them at one piece's price. :-) BRAVO! Because of I had about 12-14 guests so 4 pieces of mooncake were definitely not enough. In the basement floor of Mid Valley there were selling mooncake too and were running out of items. Quickly we surveyed the stalls and brought mooncakes from The Westin hotel and Hilton hotel. Hilton's was 4 pieces free another 2 pieces and for Westin hotel I got it at discounted price. Because we are 1Malaysia, and I don't mind having Halal mooncake and few of my guests are Muslims. It such a shame they didn't come eventually.

In the end 8 guests turned up late due to traffic jam after working hours. Man Teng is expecting a child and I guess its a girl. But Thong looks like wanted a boy so badly. Well, doesn't matter boy or girl, the child is still their little baby. Andrew and wife brought their little boy came. Time flies. He can crawls and stands. That is awesome. Very cute boy. Ms.Wong came late because of lost in the city with a GPS. She need to get rid of that GPS since it doesn't help. Haha. Terry and Zhen Yin came the last. All of us had chat and watched TV. We talked about traveling. We had mooncake but didn't finish all. The party was over about 11:30pm.

I felt great after the party. I hoped they enjoyed the mooncake and hospitality here. Thank you all for coming.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Physiotherapy Session 1

For almost 10 years now I'm living with scoliosis. You won't understand what I've been gone through and what is waiting me in future for the rest of my life. Yo won't understand my problem as much as I don't understand what you have been going through with your life because I know life is unique to each human being.

I didn't do much about my scoliosis because I was chicken enough to ask for help. I was ashamed. I was afraid. But now I am moving a step forward. I will do what's best for me, family, and my partner.

This is my first time in Spinal Inc, Mont Kiara for check up & Physiotherapy. There were a lot of scoliosis patients, mostly kids ranged 5 to 12 years old. I guess I was the oldest patient there. It was disturbing me. My feeling kind of went emotional & I prayed to God that God loves me God will help me go through this. After consulted by Madeline, I went through first session. Physiotherapist was very helpful and taught me some basic techniques that I can do it at home sometimes like press & pull muscle and breathing method. I was nervous but I did calm down well enough to hidden my fear. And then I tried to relax. The little conversation with physiotherapist was helping me a lot though. Try to be funny. Hehe.

The one hour plus session is about $ RM 100. I have 72 sessions, so you do the maths. I will be going for this therapy every weekend from now on. Life ain't easy for me, for everyone. But I am grateful for what I have and enjoy every single moment. Looking forward next session. God bless.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

MeatWorks @ Solaris Mont Kiara

We had dinner at MeatWorks @Solaris Mont Kiara last Sunday (19.9.2010). It was BRAVO! I love it.

We didn't know the exact location of MeatWorks even though we have been to Solaris Mont Kiara for few times, so we parked our car and went searching for the outlet. I mean, Solaris Mont Kiara isn't that big. Hehe. It is located at the corner shop-lot and opposite The Cold Storage. Sorry I didn't take the photo that day. I thought there must be plenty in Google. Haha. Here's the website - MeatWorks. They have all the information you need.

Caesar Salad (RM 21)
nick rating: *****

BBQ Spare Ribs - 5 ribs (RM 70)
nick rating: *****

Spaghetti Carbonara (RM 25)
nick rating: *****

We ordered Caesar Salad as starter, and then one BBQ Spare Ribs (5 ribs) & one Spaghetti Carbonara. We shared of course and it was absolutely perfect for 2 person. Caesar Salad was really good and it tasted different from our experience with other restaurants. Between starter & meal course we have waited for about 6-7 minutes. It was worth waiting. The BBQ Spare Ribs & Spaghetti Carbonara were even better. 5 ribs served with creamed potato mash, gravy and organic greens from Cameron Highlands; Spaghetti Carbonara comes with homemade creamy sauce mixed with fresh egg yolk, tossed with corned beef silverside bits and Parmesan cheese. Normally Spaghetti Carbonara sounds normal as you can get it in most of restaurants in town, but this one was great. I love the creamy cheese and the bacon. Heaven!

Customers started streaming in after 7pm. The business is so good. The whole area of Solaris Mont Kiara is spectacular & night life is even better. Life standard in Mont Kiara is really different to me and to being there is like I'm in oversea (doesn't feel like in Malaysia). Please go there, pay a visit my friends, you will learn a lot of things there, trust me. BRAVO!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Enjoyable Lantern Festival weekend

Don't get wrong with my post title. I don't do carry lantern anymore after secondary school. It's not my favorite activity but I love mooncake. Well, this weekend is quite enjoyable and easy-going. Saturday we had 'Dim Sum' at Eest, Westin Hotel K.L, opposite Pavilion with 4 guests. Truly amazing for me just be there & listen to their conversation. Interesting shall I call.

Wonderful 'Dim Sum' as usual and fabulous Durian Mooncake! Freshly made and lovely taste. It is in sale if you want some, go and get it in The Westin Hotel K.L. We had some there, nevertheless we've bought mooncake from Cafe Stelle by Raffles in Pavilion after brunch buffet. There are few flavors like lemon, coffee, chocolate and of course common pure/white lotus flavors. The taste is sweet and what really attracts me is the packaging. It's red & gold colors. Ask Concierge if you do not know where is Cafe Stelle by Raffles. But I can tell you here that there is a small counter selling the mooncake at the entrance of 2nd floor of TANG.

Today Sunday, we just came back from lunch in KLCC. Bought myself two books for my IELST preparation and one book for 'teaching how to sleep well'. I have to take this IELST exam for migration to Australia end of this year and its time to heal my dream-in-sleeping illness. I have dream whenever I sleep, regardless nightmare or good one. Hopefully everything goes well.

Happy Lantern Festival to all my friends.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Nagomi Shabu Shabu @Sri Hartamas Shopping Mall

I've been lazy recently to update my blog here. I'm so sorry my friends (any of you been following my blog? LOL ). Here I have quick one. It is my first time in Nagomi Restaurant, Sri Hartamas Shopping Mall. They have promotion for 'All You Can Eat' shabu shabu for RM 28++ per person.

It was my first time for Shabu Shabu as well that day. I was nervous because I didn't know what is Shabu Shabu. Haha but now I know. I hope the staff lady didn't jeering at me though. There was a lot of things. I ate until I choked myself. I was so embarrassed and quickly I went to toilet to clear my throat. My eyes were red though. Haha.

My partner was so enjoyable and asked for 2nd round. Geezz. He loves food so much. I'm a bit slow learner when come to food I have to admit. Take a look at the photo and see if you like to go and eat.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Another day at Pasta Zanmai @Mid Valley

Last Saturday, we had early dinner at Pasta Zanmai @ Mid Valley, just like any other weekend where we have to decide what to eat for the day. This time we had different set that we have not ordered before. The portion of set meals was not as big as before but it was good, especially the pasta. The taste didn't change and was tasty as usual. I love it always. Here's the photos:

1st & 2nd meal comes in 1 set. (RM 23)

Mini Garlic Rice topped with Roasted Eel & Omelette served with Miso soup
Nick's rating: *****

Mini Crabmeat & Avocado Sesame Sauce Pasta
Nick's rating: *****

Omelette & Salad rolled with Tortilla & topped with Avocado & Roasted Eel (RM 13)
Nick's rating: *****

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Love at First Sight

To make the story short, my Sydney trip is excellent and I love Sydney! End of story. Haha.

Sorry, I'm just kidding. Hehe. How shall I start to express my feeling towards Sydney...I mean three words is all I need to describe everything: I love Sydney! Let's skip the bad feeling we had faced during check-in in K.L. Central. We took MAS flight to Sydney International Airport. It was an awful experience and couldn't sleep well during the flight for 7-8 hours. Poor my partner, he's so tall & 3 empty seats couldn't fit for him. When going back to Malaysia from Sydney, we had transit in Brisbane Airport. It was more suffering especially at night time when everybody is tend to sleeping mode. Thank god the 'nightmare' is over now. Hehe.

Fortunately we have good friend over there to accommodated us for fully 5 days. Lovely apartment & kind owner. You can't get this in anywhere else. That shows us the importance of a friendship in our life. So make friends now~

Sydney is so wonderful that I fell in love at first sight. I never walked so much in my life in a city and couldn't bother to complain my back pain or tiredness. I just keep walking & looking around the people & building pass-by. Amazing I felt. Couldn't believe I actually there & walking towards QVB and soon Opera House & Harbor Bridge will be next. It was a working Friday. During the walk to Opera House, to be honest my eyes were vigorously looking at people more than building architecture. Haha. It's a white country after all. I always have good strange feeling with White people since kid. I was into Western tv shows & movies during my childhood. I admired those people who can live in Western countries like USA and UK. I always like snow, wanted to feel the snow falling from the sky. So naive. Haha.

In Sydney, there are a lot of Asian. In ChinaTown, you will feel like you're in one of the street in Hong Kong. Haha. That's what they said, because I never been to HK. I just know they all Asian, and I don't feel like I'm in White country anymore. Hehe. So many immigrants in Sydney I realized by then. Finally saw the Opera House & Harbor Bridge. There were 50 step-cases up to Opera House I counted. The wind was so strong that could almost blown me away. No kidding you know. Mixed feeling I had struggled with coldness. I love cold though! We didn't go in Opera House. It was never in my mind at that moment. Looking at Harbor Bridge, Circular Quay & Sydney city view from Opera House Bay. Lovely city. I le it! It was even more amazed, the view from ferry we took to Manly. Harbor Bridge with sunset & view of Opera House in different angles. It just WoW! 
Here I am, right front of Opera House. (27-8-2010)

Harbor Bridge and me  (27-8-2010)

The friend took us to a few places in NSW. We went to Bondi beach, Newtown, Watson Bay, look up point and some places I don't remember the name. Bondi beach and Manly beach are wide countless sand beaches. The friend said the sand/beach can't be seen during Summer because it will be full of people in the beach. Cool. We went to Watson Bay to see a few things, things like Lady bay beach, the north cliff, far view of Sydney City and lighthouse. On that day we only could see naked men in Lady bay beach. I thought ladies only. Haha. Wonderful experience. we passed Paddington street, which full of all kind of cafes & people. Billy Kwong cafe is there. Billy Kwong is the father of Kylie Kwong, one of the food host on Asian Food Channel(AFN) of Astro. King street, which is another King st. that occupied over 100 Thai restaurants. along the street. We went to Citrus(King St, Church St, Newtown, Australia) to have cakes & drinks. Excellent. At that night, 2 other friends joined us for dinner. Lovely couple Paul & Jit. We dined at Spanish restaurant called Raquel's (98 Oxford Street, Sydney, NSW 2010 Australia). I liked the food there. To get a table, you have to be fast and make booking. It was crazy, a small unit of shop full of laughter & talk with all kind of people. 

We personally took a day-tour to Featherdale Wildlife Park & Blue Mountains. In this particular day, I finally saw Kangaroo and Koala in Featherdale Wildlife Park & 3 sisters in Blue Mountains. The kangaroo I saw from wildlife park isn't the biggest kangaroo in Australia. I did not get chance to hold Koala because it was placed on the stick-tree and eating grass. Here is the photo and video.

Koala (my eyes look the same as koala's)

It seems very short trip but I've managed to see things that I must see in Australia which I did. What a wonderful trip. It gave me a lot of '1st time' experience in my life. Somehow I wish I don't want to go back to Malaysia. Haha. Sydney got everything I want. Love you Sydney.