Thursday, September 9, 2010

Another day at Pasta Zanmai @Mid Valley

Last Saturday, we had early dinner at Pasta Zanmai @ Mid Valley, just like any other weekend where we have to decide what to eat for the day. This time we had different set that we have not ordered before. The portion of set meals was not as big as before but it was good, especially the pasta. The taste didn't change and was tasty as usual. I love it always. Here's the photos:

1st & 2nd meal comes in 1 set. (RM 23)

Mini Garlic Rice topped with Roasted Eel & Omelette served with Miso soup
Nick's rating: *****

Mini Crabmeat & Avocado Sesame Sauce Pasta
Nick's rating: *****

Omelette & Salad rolled with Tortilla & topped with Avocado & Roasted Eel (RM 13)
Nick's rating: *****

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