Sunday, October 31, 2010

Family Sucks!

Sometimes I get so tensed with family issues.
I don't feel like to be attached to them because they are annoying, to be honest.
And I realized that I am becoming one of them.
I'm scared.

I am the only golden tree in my family.
It means I am the only well-educated amongst the siblings and my parents!
My parents are non-educated, as well as my two younger brothers.
My only sister is growing up and I hope she learns well in school and get out of that village someday, just like me.
Most of the time, I feel like I have nothing to say to my family whenever I meeting up with them.
Never the right words to say.
Just let them be who they are,
and I be who I am.

I am the only golden tree in my family.
It means they all relying on me, for the rest of life.
Just because I am the eldest son in the family,
and I responsible for them.
I am sick of this feeling,
feeling that I owe them, that I have to do it.
Maybe that's why I always wanted to get out of the village (kampung)
Great opportunity arrived when rich uncle offered me to stay with his family and study college there.
Yet, I am sick of this feeling that I owe them too much for the kind offer.

There is no way to cut the water into half, so is family blood.
No matter how hard I try to run away from them,
they are still my family,
and I can't do anything about it or to change it.
I feel suck!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

MaMak - Roti Canai

Last Sunday a friend 'belanja' us for 'yamcha' in Desa Hartamas. To be honest, I don't know what's the occasion but its been a long long time that 'yamcha' at night is out of my league. I know. I'm not trying to be 'classy' here. It just that really I don't 'yamcha' (supper) especially at mamak stall until I did last Sunday.

I was mamak kaki when I was single. Every night I would go out have a 'teh ais'(sometimes 'teh tarik kurang manis') with friends. The choices of supper are 'Roti Telur/Pisang/Kaya', maggi/mee goreng or IndoMee. Of course I had it all. Now I realized that supper is really not a good idea, especially now that I'm chubby. Some more, the food variety is not healthy! Oh gosh! How could I not see that all the while supper-ing at night with friends. I was not concerned with my health then I supposed.

Well, that night I felt a greed, a passion that told me not to worry about health and just eat eat eat! First, I ordered 'Roti Pisang' because I always love it, and a glass of 'Teh Tarik kurang manis. It was not enough for me and next order was 'Teh O Ais Limau', 'Roti Telur' and 'Maggi Goreng'. Wakakaka! I couldn't believe I felt great! The feeling just came back to me, it was like I hanging out at mamak stall with drink & 'Roti Canai' about 2-3 years ago. And I didn't even grow piece of fat( now I do). Haha. Unfortunately, 3 of us shared, I didn't 'swallow' all by myself.

I feel like wanna going back there again for supper now, but I have to control myself not to do so, at least not every week. Haha. Thanks to our friend who reminded us that we are still 'Malaysian'...haha.

See you again next time, mamak stall!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Physiotherapy Session 6 & 7

I'm so sorry I didn't managed to update my physio news immediately after the exercises last weekend. I guess I was lazy though. I don't know. Haha.

Session 6th, finally I got the chance to do more exercises, that means will take longer time to complete my session. Before this, I was wondered why some patient doing exercises that I didn't do when I was there for therapy. It seems easy, I told myself. And then on that day, Saturday, I was "qualified" to do the exercises. And I also understood now the reason of practicing frequent diagonal breathing. It is required for doing this body stretching with proper breathing method, depends on your spine curve. Indeed, it is not easy as I thought.

There are 3 types of them, all require diagonal breathing. I do not have the video or photo of how to do it, but I will try my best to find some videos. Each exercise need only 2 minutes, and this 2 minutes is not easy! I remembered I prayed that 2 minutes pass quickly so that I could rest after. To be honest, it is HARD...for me only I guess. Haha. Maybe I will get accustomed to it by doing it more often not just at Spinal Inc center. To remind you, each exercise maximum 2 minutes, do not act smart by doing it more than 2 minutes. That's what therapist told me though.

The next day, Sunday was my session no.7. I did all the exercises and I felt great. On this particular Sunday, because of Dr.Madeline was on duty, there were couple of parents brought their kids there for consultant. It shows that there are a lot of scoliosis patient out there. Unfortunately to say, welcome to my world.

Let me share this song with you all. It is a great song by Pink Martini. I've witnessed their performance when they were here in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It is called "Kikuchiyo To Mohshimasu". You don't have to know the meaning of the song, just follow the music. It makes you feel good. Here attached also with the lyrics, in case you want to sing. Haha. God bless you all.

Yamagami / Suzuki
Vocal Timothy Nishimoto & China Forbes

Reworking version of Wada Hiroshi song

Kikuchiyo to mohshimasu
Shiroi unaji ni yurete ita
Naito kurabu no aoi hi yo
Daite odoreba yasashii kata ga
Nazeka kanshiku, nazeka kanashiku
Furueteta... furueteta

Kono mamade itsu made mo
Futari sugoshita Akasaka no
Kiri no, hoteru no, koi no yoru
Moeta anata no itoshi hoho ga
Itsuka sahishiku, itsuka sabishiku

Kikuchiyo to mohshimasu
Minna wasurete hoshii no to
Tatto hito yo de kieta hito
Amaku setsunai utsuriga dake o
Sotto nokoshiite, sotto nokoshiite
Kiri no naka ... kiri no naka

Kikochiyo to mohshimasu

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Physiotherapy Session 5

Last Sunday was the busiest at Spinal Inc for the therapists as most parents could only bring their children for physio session on that particular day especially in the morning. My appointment was at 11am and I had to queue to do some exercises. It wasn't a joke but overall I think it was still okay. No complaints when I was queuing. I just walked around and observe the parents & scoliosis patients. Spinal Inc is the place where common patients meet each other & realized he/she is not the only one who has this difficulty on this planet. To make them think that their case is not the worst. There are millions of people suffering out there. We are lucky to have our loved ones and get treatment regularly. Thank God for that.

I saw quite few male patients in this session. All of them were younger than me I believe. I compared myself to them on matter of body size, height & weight. I was chubbier, shorter and small eyes. Haha. There was no chance to have a word with them because we all occupied with individual exercises. Hope I would get a friend there to talk with then.

I felt great when one of the therapists taught me on breathing exercise. I was a quick learner she said, despite minor mistake on diagnosis breathing. I am doing this exercises not just during physio session but also in my daily life. I do it every morning I wake up from bed, facing mirror and correctly put my hands on position and then start to breathe. It takes only about 4 minutes. So start doing it now, if you are scoliosis (C-shaped rotated to right) patient. Don't simply do if you don't know the technique. Please advise your therapist.

God bless you all.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Physiotherapy Session 4

Feel lazy purposely go to Mont Kiara just for the exercises but I couldn't give up because I'm not the only one who suffering from this. I do it not just for myself but for my love. But Im lazy bun though....HAHA

Physiotherapy session is like going to school. You get in the center, and start doing basic exercise(warm up) with the round chair (pic left). You know exactly what you need to do. Then I started to wondering, was it worth to do these exercises for the amount paid ? All the equipments are simple and cheap, except vibration machine, which don't cost so much yet we are paying so much individually. The doctor just need about 10 minutes to consult patient and the rest is up to therapist. With such expensive fee, most scoliosis patients from poverty cannot afford for this important treatment. But yet again, we do not have many specialist in scoliosis field in Malaysia and that's why their specialty are highly appreciated?

I also wondering these so called therapist, are they really therapist or this is just their part time job? It bothering me because somehow as a patient there you see things. I see them everytime. And sometimes they just not concentrate or I'm just being paranoid? Hehe. I don't know. But at the end, I just have to trust them, because they are the only ones I got.

I've managed to snap a photo of myself being tied-up with a male therapist's help. Yes, this make me feel paralyzed sometimes but now it is getting better. As you can see there are small & firm pillows, one under my armpit and the other one at my hip. Therapist will tighten up the belts and if it's too tight & can't breathe smoothly you can let therapist know. They are there to help. This 20 minutes' position is made because I have C-shaped curve to the right. This is just one part of it. I didn't take photo of any other position. Maybe next time.

I wished to talk to the patients there as we all going through the same condition, but we all didn't. We were strangers to each other. We only talked to therapist. Are we trying to avoid the conversation because we don't wanna talk about it (scoliosis)? Is there any forum for scoliosis patient to talk about their life, to befriend with the others who share same story? We share common and we know how it feels. Be strong. God bless.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Saturday = Movie (Eat Pray Love) + Japanese Food (Sushi TEI) + Carl's Jr.

Last Saturday we went to watch "Eat Pray Love" in Pavilion GSC. I personally thought it was brilliantly filmed and Julia Roberts was great with just her smiling face. For that moment, I just wanna grab the book from bookstore and read it. I'm sure the writing will be even more fascinating with all beautiful words that give widely imagination to readers. Well, to be honest, I'm not going to get one because I have too many to read at home. :) Awesome! If you're fan of Julia Roberts, you'll definitely love this movie. ;)

Before the movie, we went to Sushi Tei at the food court floor. It is just recently open business. The business is much much better than previous outlet-Yo!Sushi. I mean if you are a frequent customer to Pavilion, you would see Yo!Sushi outlet with no customer. It was totally disaster. I still don't know why no one wanna dine in Yo!Sushi. We ordered only 3 items and they were not bad. In conclusion, I would say I prefer Sushi/Pasta Zanmai than Sushi Tei. Hehe. Here's the photo, enjoy.

Tosa (14pcs) - yellow-tail, croaker, crab meat, cooked prawn, skipjack tuna, sweet beancurd with salmon salad, boiled scallop, salmon, soft shell crab maki. ($ RM 22.80)
nick rating: *****

Tan Tan Ramen - minced chicken ramen in spicy sesame soup base ($ RM 15.00)

Chicken Katsu Don - chicken cutlet topped with egg on rice ($ RM 13.80)
nick rating: *****

Oh yes. It's not done yet. Keep reading. Hahaha.
It was also the first time we had burgers in Carl's Jr in Pavilion. After the movie was about 7.30pm, and we finally could visit Carl's Jr for big burger. It was huge indeed. Let's see this photo with my hand beside it. 

I had Western Bacon & my partner had Portobello Mushroom Burger. It is definitely bigger than McCONalds (McDonalds)'s any burger. Hahaha. But of course you have to pay a little bit more to get bigger size, don't you? Hehe. My n97 was out of battery, so the following photo was taken by using my CSL phone. Sorry for the bad quality. 

Western Bacon Burger ($ RM 18.00 /Set )
nick rating: *****

Portobello Mushroom Burger ($ RM 18.30 - just burger)
nick rating: I bet it must be good.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Physiotherapy Session 3

Today Dr.Madeline told me that my X-ray shown 60 degree curve. I wasn't really shocked but I was hoping the number won't go to six. It was disappointing. I had to be pretend that I'm fine with it. There was nothing I could do. That was the truth. I tried.

Because of 60 degree, now I have to do more exercises, extra 20 minutes of being tied up on the bench. It is difficult but I have to suck it up and be patient. Total time now on the bench will be about 50 minutes. Lay down with body and head facing right for 20 minutes and 10 minutes for head facing up to the ceiling and last 20 minutes will be doing the same as first part of 20 minutes but with body & head facing left side. The firm pillow put under my right arm makes me feel paralyzed and I couldn't move my body because of the firmly tie-up. I should ask therapist to take a photo for me, so that I can show it here to everyone. I prayed to God, to help me get through this. In the same time I was also wondering the rest of my life of being like this and bla bla bla. Yes, I know. Be positive. But you are not me. You're not the person in such situation. I am trying to be strong here. Yes, I keep telling myself that.

I didn't learn new techniques today because of they have to change plan for my therapy. With 60 degree, they seem so concerned. And today I felt pain in my lower back til Dr.Madeline had to came & consulted me. Thank you all. I know you were just trying to make me feel better. And it did, thank you so much.

With extra 20 minutes, now my therapy session hour will be almost 2 hours. Yes. It will be my every weekend leisure activity for next few months.

Be strong.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Physiotherapy Session 2

This morning I went to Desa Sri Hartamas for X-ray before my physiotherapy session at 12pm. I didn't even take a look at the X-ray and it is now on Dr.Madeline's table. I'm going to see her tomorrow for that, just to make sure what's the degree now since 3 years ago.

I wasn't that nervous in the 2nd physio session. Basically I was doing great except minor mistake which I had forgotten to breathe with left nose blocked. I still quite not sure what's the term to call for those exercises laying on the leather-top bench, but now I do know vibration, up-side-down, breathing with left nose blocked and dropping. It seems that all the exercises are easy but it really require strong determination, positive thinking, self-belief and of course don't forget the God. Hardworking is also one of the important steps to improve your scoliosis condition.

I saw this little girl. My heart ached when I saw her doing breathing part. Push and pull is just too hard for a little girl like her. I wished I could help but I was in up-side-down situation couldn't even move. Haha. Luckily the father was there to help her. The father was so concerned when his daughter was being 'tied-up' on the vibration machine. Just to make sure his daughter was fine. That moment I felt great. My heart felt better and smiled. A moment like this, could just tears me up. I am lucky also because I have my partner with me. Sometimes I'm fragile I have to admit. :-) So please, those who are parents now, please pay more attention to your children. Scoliosis can happen to anyone, especially little kids. Don't play play with scoliosis ya.

Will be going for 3rd session tomorrow. Better have a nice sleep tonight and breakfast early tomorrow morning. I have learned that no heavy meal before physio and if do will have to rest for at least 1 hour before starting physio session. The therapists are very friendly and helpful. I already felt grateful for past 2 sessions I had, they helped a lot. Thank you all and may God bless you all.