Sunday, October 31, 2010

Family Sucks!

Sometimes I get so tensed with family issues.
I don't feel like to be attached to them because they are annoying, to be honest.
And I realized that I am becoming one of them.
I'm scared.

I am the only golden tree in my family.
It means I am the only well-educated amongst the siblings and my parents!
My parents are non-educated, as well as my two younger brothers.
My only sister is growing up and I hope she learns well in school and get out of that village someday, just like me.
Most of the time, I feel like I have nothing to say to my family whenever I meeting up with them.
Never the right words to say.
Just let them be who they are,
and I be who I am.

I am the only golden tree in my family.
It means they all relying on me, for the rest of life.
Just because I am the eldest son in the family,
and I responsible for them.
I am sick of this feeling,
feeling that I owe them, that I have to do it.
Maybe that's why I always wanted to get out of the village (kampung)
Great opportunity arrived when rich uncle offered me to stay with his family and study college there.
Yet, I am sick of this feeling that I owe them too much for the kind offer.

There is no way to cut the water into half, so is family blood.
No matter how hard I try to run away from them,
they are still my family,
and I can't do anything about it or to change it.
I feel suck!

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