Wednesday, October 27, 2010

MaMak - Roti Canai

Last Sunday a friend 'belanja' us for 'yamcha' in Desa Hartamas. To be honest, I don't know what's the occasion but its been a long long time that 'yamcha' at night is out of my league. I know. I'm not trying to be 'classy' here. It just that really I don't 'yamcha' (supper) especially at mamak stall until I did last Sunday.

I was mamak kaki when I was single. Every night I would go out have a 'teh ais'(sometimes 'teh tarik kurang manis') with friends. The choices of supper are 'Roti Telur/Pisang/Kaya', maggi/mee goreng or IndoMee. Of course I had it all. Now I realized that supper is really not a good idea, especially now that I'm chubby. Some more, the food variety is not healthy! Oh gosh! How could I not see that all the while supper-ing at night with friends. I was not concerned with my health then I supposed.

Well, that night I felt a greed, a passion that told me not to worry about health and just eat eat eat! First, I ordered 'Roti Pisang' because I always love it, and a glass of 'Teh Tarik kurang manis. It was not enough for me and next order was 'Teh O Ais Limau', 'Roti Telur' and 'Maggi Goreng'. Wakakaka! I couldn't believe I felt great! The feeling just came back to me, it was like I hanging out at mamak stall with drink & 'Roti Canai' about 2-3 years ago. And I didn't even grow piece of fat( now I do). Haha. Unfortunately, 3 of us shared, I didn't 'swallow' all by myself.

I feel like wanna going back there again for supper now, but I have to control myself not to do so, at least not every week. Haha. Thanks to our friend who reminded us that we are still 'Malaysian'...haha.

See you again next time, mamak stall!

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