Saturday, October 9, 2010

Physiotherapy Session 4

Feel lazy purposely go to Mont Kiara just for the exercises but I couldn't give up because I'm not the only one who suffering from this. I do it not just for myself but for my love. But Im lazy bun though....HAHA

Physiotherapy session is like going to school. You get in the center, and start doing basic exercise(warm up) with the round chair (pic left). You know exactly what you need to do. Then I started to wondering, was it worth to do these exercises for the amount paid ? All the equipments are simple and cheap, except vibration machine, which don't cost so much yet we are paying so much individually. The doctor just need about 10 minutes to consult patient and the rest is up to therapist. With such expensive fee, most scoliosis patients from poverty cannot afford for this important treatment. But yet again, we do not have many specialist in scoliosis field in Malaysia and that's why their specialty are highly appreciated?

I also wondering these so called therapist, are they really therapist or this is just their part time job? It bothering me because somehow as a patient there you see things. I see them everytime. And sometimes they just not concentrate or I'm just being paranoid? Hehe. I don't know. But at the end, I just have to trust them, because they are the only ones I got.

I've managed to snap a photo of myself being tied-up with a male therapist's help. Yes, this make me feel paralyzed sometimes but now it is getting better. As you can see there are small & firm pillows, one under my armpit and the other one at my hip. Therapist will tighten up the belts and if it's too tight & can't breathe smoothly you can let therapist know. They are there to help. This 20 minutes' position is made because I have C-shaped curve to the right. This is just one part of it. I didn't take photo of any other position. Maybe next time.

I wished to talk to the patients there as we all going through the same condition, but we all didn't. We were strangers to each other. We only talked to therapist. Are we trying to avoid the conversation because we don't wanna talk about it (scoliosis)? Is there any forum for scoliosis patient to talk about their life, to befriend with the others who share same story? We share common and we know how it feels. Be strong. God bless.

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