Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Physiotherapy Session 5

Last Sunday was the busiest at Spinal Inc for the therapists as most parents could only bring their children for physio session on that particular day especially in the morning. My appointment was at 11am and I had to queue to do some exercises. It wasn't a joke but overall I think it was still okay. No complaints when I was queuing. I just walked around and observe the parents & scoliosis patients. Spinal Inc is the place where common patients meet each other & realized he/she is not the only one who has this difficulty on this planet. To make them think that their case is not the worst. There are millions of people suffering out there. We are lucky to have our loved ones and get treatment regularly. Thank God for that.

I saw quite few male patients in this session. All of them were younger than me I believe. I compared myself to them on matter of body size, height & weight. I was chubbier, shorter and small eyes. Haha. There was no chance to have a word with them because we all occupied with individual exercises. Hope I would get a friend there to talk with then.

I felt great when one of the therapists taught me on breathing exercise. I was a quick learner she said, despite minor mistake on diagnosis breathing. I am doing this exercises not just during physio session but also in my daily life. I do it every morning I wake up from bed, facing mirror and correctly put my hands on position and then start to breathe. It takes only about 4 minutes. So start doing it now, if you are scoliosis (C-shaped rotated to right) patient. Don't simply do if you don't know the technique. Please advise your therapist.

God bless you all.

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