Friday, October 22, 2010

Physiotherapy Session 6 & 7

I'm so sorry I didn't managed to update my physio news immediately after the exercises last weekend. I guess I was lazy though. I don't know. Haha.

Session 6th, finally I got the chance to do more exercises, that means will take longer time to complete my session. Before this, I was wondered why some patient doing exercises that I didn't do when I was there for therapy. It seems easy, I told myself. And then on that day, Saturday, I was "qualified" to do the exercises. And I also understood now the reason of practicing frequent diagonal breathing. It is required for doing this body stretching with proper breathing method, depends on your spine curve. Indeed, it is not easy as I thought.

There are 3 types of them, all require diagonal breathing. I do not have the video or photo of how to do it, but I will try my best to find some videos. Each exercise need only 2 minutes, and this 2 minutes is not easy! I remembered I prayed that 2 minutes pass quickly so that I could rest after. To be honest, it is HARD...for me only I guess. Haha. Maybe I will get accustomed to it by doing it more often not just at Spinal Inc center. To remind you, each exercise maximum 2 minutes, do not act smart by doing it more than 2 minutes. That's what therapist told me though.

The next day, Sunday was my session no.7. I did all the exercises and I felt great. On this particular Sunday, because of Dr.Madeline was on duty, there were couple of parents brought their kids there for consultant. It shows that there are a lot of scoliosis patient out there. Unfortunately to say, welcome to my world.

Let me share this song with you all. It is a great song by Pink Martini. I've witnessed their performance when they were here in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It is called "Kikuchiyo To Mohshimasu". You don't have to know the meaning of the song, just follow the music. It makes you feel good. Here attached also with the lyrics, in case you want to sing. Haha. God bless you all.

Yamagami / Suzuki
Vocal Timothy Nishimoto & China Forbes

Reworking version of Wada Hiroshi song

Kikuchiyo to mohshimasu
Shiroi unaji ni yurete ita
Naito kurabu no aoi hi yo
Daite odoreba yasashii kata ga
Nazeka kanshiku, nazeka kanashiku
Furueteta... furueteta

Kono mamade itsu made mo
Futari sugoshita Akasaka no
Kiri no, hoteru no, koi no yoru
Moeta anata no itoshi hoho ga
Itsuka sahishiku, itsuka sabishiku

Kikuchiyo to mohshimasu
Minna wasurete hoshii no to
Tatto hito yo de kieta hito
Amaku setsunai utsuriga dake o
Sotto nokoshiite, sotto nokoshiite
Kiri no naka ... kiri no naka

Kikochiyo to mohshimasu

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