Monday, October 4, 2010

Saturday = Movie (Eat Pray Love) + Japanese Food (Sushi TEI) + Carl's Jr.

Last Saturday we went to watch "Eat Pray Love" in Pavilion GSC. I personally thought it was brilliantly filmed and Julia Roberts was great with just her smiling face. For that moment, I just wanna grab the book from bookstore and read it. I'm sure the writing will be even more fascinating with all beautiful words that give widely imagination to readers. Well, to be honest, I'm not going to get one because I have too many to read at home. :) Awesome! If you're fan of Julia Roberts, you'll definitely love this movie. ;)

Before the movie, we went to Sushi Tei at the food court floor. It is just recently open business. The business is much much better than previous outlet-Yo!Sushi. I mean if you are a frequent customer to Pavilion, you would see Yo!Sushi outlet with no customer. It was totally disaster. I still don't know why no one wanna dine in Yo!Sushi. We ordered only 3 items and they were not bad. In conclusion, I would say I prefer Sushi/Pasta Zanmai than Sushi Tei. Hehe. Here's the photo, enjoy.

Tosa (14pcs) - yellow-tail, croaker, crab meat, cooked prawn, skipjack tuna, sweet beancurd with salmon salad, boiled scallop, salmon, soft shell crab maki. ($ RM 22.80)
nick rating: *****

Tan Tan Ramen - minced chicken ramen in spicy sesame soup base ($ RM 15.00)

Chicken Katsu Don - chicken cutlet topped with egg on rice ($ RM 13.80)
nick rating: *****

Oh yes. It's not done yet. Keep reading. Hahaha.
It was also the first time we had burgers in Carl's Jr in Pavilion. After the movie was about 7.30pm, and we finally could visit Carl's Jr for big burger. It was huge indeed. Let's see this photo with my hand beside it. 

I had Western Bacon & my partner had Portobello Mushroom Burger. It is definitely bigger than McCONalds (McDonalds)'s any burger. Hahaha. But of course you have to pay a little bit more to get bigger size, don't you? Hehe. My n97 was out of battery, so the following photo was taken by using my CSL phone. Sorry for the bad quality. 

Western Bacon Burger ($ RM 18.00 /Set )
nick rating: *****

Portobello Mushroom Burger ($ RM 18.30 - just burger)
nick rating: I bet it must be good.

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