Friday, November 12, 2010

Blogger Title field Missing (Solution is here)

I was panicked when Title field in my blog post was missing. 
I keep wondering why is it missing from the post, did I change or remove any html code, how to get it back and how am I going to write a post when there is no Title field for me to describe my post? 

I didn't make a scene nonetheless, though. 
The questions were just floating in the ocean of my memory which wasn't a big deal. 
Because I believe there is a solution to each question. 
And then here I am, google-ing the question. 

Note: I was using RockMelt. This google search is integrated with RockMelt browser.

I keyed in "blogger post title field missing" in Google's search engine. 
The 2nd link in the search result was the answer to my question. 
It just so amazed that almost every solution you can look up in Google's search engine when you have a question.
And that's exactly what I will do when I have question. 

This post is to help other new bloggers if the 'Title' field or 'Link field' is missing from the page.
The simple solution is right here:

1. Login your blogger
2. Go to Settings
3. Select Formatting
4. scroll down and select "Show" for Title Field

It is as simple as that. :D
Enjoy your blogging my fella.


  1. hi !! I am really panicking as the "show" option is already set for blog title and blog description, but its still missing !! can u email me any other option ASAP..
    many thanks !

  2. Hi Mom Chef,

    I believe your problem has been resolved as I visited your blog I could see the title was there.

    I can't help but all i can say is to clear your cookies in your browser and reload your blog.

    What's your solution to that?