Saturday, November 6, 2010

Dim Sum @ Celestial Court

I've been to Celestial Court for so many times, and yet every visit would have some new items. (Actually not new item on the menu, just that some items we never bother to try.)

The business is still doing very good. Last weekend's visit (31.12.2010) I saw a lot of fresh waiters and they were all young. Can tell that they lack of management skills but overall they were very friendly and still give you BIG smile! Haha. That's the trademark of Celestial Court, the waiters & waitress are so friendly and carry big smile always. 

This is what we had last weekend. Some already posted in previous blog & some were new. See the pictures for yourself. Thank you.

Chicken Puff - RM 10.00

Wanton prawn in TomYam soup - RM 13.00

Beef Ball - RM 12.00

Beancurd Roll - RM 12.00

Chilled Durian Pudding - RM 11.00

Can you imagine its white color? It texture is like Chinese style steamed-egg but of course the taste is certainly durian :)

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