Monday, November 15, 2010

Exclusive Video of Uniqlo Malaysia @ Fahrenheit88

I have so many things to write for last weekend 'Jalan-Jalan' in Bukit Bintang.
But first here I would like to talk about Uniqlo.
I went to Uniqlo about 4pm after the rain stopped.
There was no queue but the store was extremely packed.
I can't talk much about the clothes because I don't like even one single piece!
It's individual taste, though. 
No offense.

The funny thing is, my phone camera was on video capturing mode and it captured the crowds' butt. 
I mean it was packed inside! 
And I didn't even realize that it was prohibited to take photo and video inside Uniqlo! 
Until I went up to 3rd floor of Uniqlo which is Men's Wear and I wanted to take photo of the slack section, then I heard a voice came from my back said 'Sir, no camera here please'.
I got busted!
'Oh, sorry' I said.
Its alright because I already taken videos before.
So, here it is.
Exclusively video inside Uniqlo Malaysia @ Fahrenheit88, Bukit Bintang!
(It's nothing personal. It is just video showing you how packed it was in Uniqlo)


  1. It really was packed! Personally I love the women's clothing at UNIQLO, but I get your point about it being individual taste. The style is unique so it's not going to appeal to everyone.

  2. the link you included is for UK. Are you Malaysian or British my dear?

    Yes. It was packed. Heheh.