Monday, November 1, 2010

Hokkaido Ichiba @ The Gardens Mall

This morning I was having a really bad mood. 
Salary was not in yet again. 
But then I told myself to calm down. 
In order to calm down, I need great food to cheer me up.
So partner and I went to this Japanese authentic cuisine restaurant named Hokkaido Ichiba.
We've been waiting so long for it to open. 
The shop lot in 3rd level floor of The Gardens Mall previously was Penang Street ( if not mistaken).
It totally had no customers and we guessed it would be closed very soon and we were RIGHT! HAHA!
After that, we've been following up with the renovation of Hokkaido Ichiba
and finally it is open now! (well, maybe few weeks ago? )

I've just googled about Hokkaido Ichiba. 
I got this information from this said that Hokkaido Ichiba was under the same group as Rakuzen. 
And from Tummy Rumble blogger said that Rakuzen has been taken over by Super Dining, company who owns Pasta/Sushi Zanmai, Rakuzen, Kura (One World hotel in 1U) and Zen (Sunway Pyramid). 
So Hokkaido Ichiba is under Super Dining group. This is logic right? Haha...
This is big news to me, because I've been supporter to all these outlets and I didn't even know a thing. ( I don't really do research on this unless I really interested. )
Well, I just know to eat. Haha. And now I know.
 Okay. I know I've been upset the whole morning because of salary issue.
But I changed my mood completely when I saw Hokkaido Ichiba outlet.
Amazing exterior and interior design with proper lighting color.
I was astonished and couldn't wait to snap more photos of the food and the layout of outlet. 
We chose the round-table seat, the 1st table on the right in the entrance walkway. 
That means I didn't have the chance to snap photos of inside, which was huge layout with a lot of tables. 
I said nevermind to myself, because I will definitely go there again for dining. Yahoooo!!!
Let's take a look first:

"Yes. 3rd floor of The Gardens Mall. It is located in the center of 2 wings (Isetan & Robinsons)"

"The small corner shop convenient for customer who flavors Japanese food. Just next to Hokkaido Ice Cream"

"This is the entrance with the cashier/welcome counter. As you can see the red line. Such a big outlet and yet customers need to queue. Very good business. "

"First step in the entrance on your left hand side, this is the counter bar seats. And a few big tables reserved for big family at the end of walkway. "

"Well, this is nothing. I just snapped it while waiting for my Sushi To Unagi set. It was the lighting above me."

The waiter came with huge menu. Big one, just like the one in Pasta/Sushi Zanmai.
The images on the menu kept me wah-ooh-wah-oh-my-God....
It was just beautiful. 
With experience in Pasta/Sushi Zanmai, I'm sure this Hokkaido Ichiba provides great quality of sushi, seafood and desserts! 

Oh wait, I just want to make one thing clear, that I'm not doing any advertising for Hokkaido Ichiba nor free food from the owner. 
I am not a real food hunter who blog about it. 
I know some bloggers they are invited by the restaurant owner or some even introduced themself as food blogger just to get free meals. 
I am not them.
Every meal I eat, every post of my blog, is nothing to do with that and I pay cash for it (most of the time use credit card though and most of the time my partner pays it. LOL)
I just like to share what I've enjoyed and recommend to my friends or blog readers. 
Don't worry, I know i'm not a real food hunter/critics, but I have my partner who is good at it. So if he says good, then it is good. Never go wrong. Haha (but no guarantee though)

So we ordered 2 lunch sets and 3 ice creams. The latter was ordered by me but we shared. 
My feeling was great and I just followed it.
And I had to order it because they were asking for last order.
I was like, "last order at 2pm? you DO have a break in between morning and evening for all the staff?"
sound like Little Penang Cafe in Mid Valley.
They had Company Annual Dinner in the evening, so they closed at 3pm.
"I was enjoying it, man!"
Let's see the photos ya. Hehe...

"The menu of Hokkaido Ichiba. Please click the image to enlarge for the outlet address and the telephone number in case you want to make a reservation"

"Saba S Zen - RM 22.00 (my partner one)" 

My partner's comment: The saba is fresh and nice. Have to be careful with the small fish-bones though

"Sushi To Unagi Zen - RM 42.00 (my order! )"

My comment: Wah-ooh-wah-oh-my-God. This is heaven! Hemmm. NICE! I love it! I was totally in love with the sushi! so fresh every piece, every bite! MUACK! BRAVO! 
(It was really my reaction. But some people might not taste it the same I did. Haha )
The rest of my comment: The chawan moshi was smoother than my 2nd-aunt's chinese steamed-eggs. I thought Edo Ichi's one was good but this one was even better.The fruits were so fresh and juicy.

 This is Hokkaido Ice Cream menu. 
I can tell you, Ice Cream lovers. THIS is your PARADISE!
The ice cream was fine sweet..maybe not sweet. I mean it sweet in the combination but never too sweet. 
It was just perfect! The color was so attractive!
Ichigo Waffle is a must-try! 
But in my case, I love strawberry, mango and green tea. 
So I couldn't miss them.

"Ichigo Waffle - RM 9.80"
"Waffle with Japanese Strawberry Ice Cream, topped with home-made Strawberry Sauce & Fresh Strawberry"

"Green Tea Passion - RM 8.80"
"A perfect mix of Greet Tea Ice Cream, Green Tea Cake and Green Tea Powder, topped with Hokkaido Red Bean, served on a Waffle Basket"

"Mango Crepe - RM 9.80"
"Crepe with Mango Sherbet & Fresh Mango"

The Ice cream has its own corner with about 20 or more chairs section. 
Who likes to dessert but not to dining heavy meals, it is perfect for you, separated the crowds. 
There is a ice cream counter where you can select your flavors, because they have ice cream in scoops. 
Please click the Hokkaido Ice Cream menu above to take a clear image on the scoop prices. 
More photos:

All the ingredients. I guess you can have add on ? Hahaha

The section for Ice Cream. Chill and nice. 

The summary is, I will definitely go again for Ice Cream and try other main course/set. 
Of course they charge Government 5% (soon to be 6% according to our government new policy) & Service Tax 10%. 
My bill end up RM 106++ which I never regretted. 
PARADISE for me man! 

Okay, here I just compiled the info, for your easy convenient:

Foods & Drinks Quality: *****
Service: *****
Interior Design/Layout: *****
Overall Rating: *****

Hokkaido Ichiba
T-201, 3rd Floor, The Gardens, 
Mid Valley City, Linkaran Syed Putra,  
59200 Kuala Lumpu. 
Tel: +603-22833060, +60126121060


  1. pics are awesome,n d sushi colors are brilliant as well...makes me so hungry now..haha

  2. Hehe....luckily my n97 worked this time...Haha.

  3. hey today i jz pass-by this shop, if it's good then maybe next time i can try at this shop with my sis... she likes food as well

  4. Chloe, you got to try the ice-cream there.

    It is heavenly fantastic!

  5. i went there after reading this post! :D HAHA very nice atmosphere i like! :D anyways, i didnt manage to try the ice creams at the dessert corner :( cos my friend and i were too full by the time we finished our meal LOL!

  6. then should try the ice-cream next time ya...hehe