Monday, November 15, 2010

Kissaten @ Lot 10 KL

Always heard my partner talking about Hu Thong (十号胡同) in Lot 10 Kuala Lumpur.
Yesterday finally we got there to take a look and ended up dinner there as well.
Initially I didn't take a serious look because I was busy updating my Check-In location to foursqure & facebook. 
Kept following my partner, walking here and there. 
It's really confusing. Hehe. 
I wondered if get an old woman into the foodcourt, will she find a way out ? LOL

We was looking for a Germany stall but somehow couldn't find it. 
And then we saw "Teriyaki PORK burger" !
PORK burger!
Then WAGYU burger!
Oh my god, they were totally new to me!

The stall name is Kissaten, a Japanese coffee & restaurant. 
So my partner got me the Teriyaki Wagyu Burger, and he had Tonkatsu Ramen.
It's self-service. You buy and pay in the counter.
Employee there was friendly though.

They giving away FREE green tea!
So just get your main course and you get FREE green tea (free refill as well )
Here's my photos:

Teriyaki Wagyu Burger - RM 15.90
 Nick rating: *****
Nick says: It was so yummy! Mayonnaise & Teriyaki source were excellent! The burger was huge!

Tonkatsu Ramen - RM 14.90

FREE green tea! FREE refill!! 

Look at the burger. 
Tell me, do you want a bite? LOL

Mouthful ! 

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