Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Physiotherapy Session 14 - 15

It was a mixed feeling for physio session last weekend.
Good and bad.
Good news was I don't need to spend longer time in the center for doing all kind of exercises because of the new breathing technique.
However the bad news was that it is almost impossible-task to do with newly introduced breathing technique. 

It makes sense by looking at the picture they draw and colorful pen ink on my docket, indicating what to do & don't, that it is workable for my case.
But to really implement that ideology into real action requires hardworking efforts from patients and therapists no matter what. 
Sounds impossible. 
There are approximately 20 patients come all at once especially peak hour like Saturday & Sunday morning. 
And only 6 to 7 therapists there to take care of the patients. 
I mean apart from my own hardworking on the exercises, I need special attention from therapist to be able guiding me from wrong push to correct inhales. 
Haha. We all do need special care though.

Let me talk little about this new breathing technique. 
Firstly check standing position with even shoulders pulling backward & chest frontward. 
Look at the mirror and double check the head is in same position vertically with the small river between chest.
And then inhale. 
Inhale is not easy because it needs focus and the cooperation of your body parts especially the back, to pull off the maximum of effectiveness to help scoliosis condition.
And of course there is different technique of breathing for each scoliosis case.
For C-shape curve like me, I was told to do this. 
When inhaling, I need to pull my right lung forward (cannot backward) and left lung push backward.
In the same time also I need to make sure my lower back right up the waist there to be pulled backward just like left lung does. 
At that point, the therapist kept telling you that you must feel it. You can feel it. You must focus!
And I was looking at myself in the mirror, feel self-pity and hopeless. 
Because I couldn't feel it myself. 
Exhale is easy. Just slowly let it goes.
Slowly remember! Yes I remember this.

After feel comfortable with the position, take the tiny poles to support your position and in my case left hand grab the pole high till I feel the stretching. Right hand on the other pole the arms must even with the shoulder, not high nor low.
Breathing continue....
9 times of breathing per set and we need to do 3 set.
Break time between each set.

There is one funny fact about this breathing technique which is you need to make "Sssiiiiiiiiii" sound when you are exhaling. 
It's like a mother wanna make her baby pee-pee, she will make "Sssiiiiiii..." sound. 
Apparently it works. 
Quite a numbers of patient going in & out of washroom during physio session.

I'm drinking red wine right now while writing this post.
Don't worry, I'm not drunk. 
I know how to enjoy a glass of fine red wine from 5-star hotel. 
That's it for this session.

I wish all patients
God bless you all.


  1. Hello,

    Would you mind updating about your physio. Has it been helpful so far to your scoliosis? I'm considering for my teenage son but would like to know its effectiveness. Thanks


  2. Hi DD,

    I'm so sorry to tell you that I've stopped physiotherapy.

    It is basically too expensive and I just do simple stretching at home & swimming sometimes.

    So its been more than 1 year since I stopped, I haven't really check my scoliosis ever since.

    In my case, I kinda give up on physiotherapy but you should take your teenage son check up and do necessary correction if possible. Honestly I can't live my life normally still with scoliosis even though I know there are more ppl worse case than me but still, it is a shadow in my life.

    Good luck to you and God bless your son.

  3. Hey LazyBun,
    I'm a male too, 21 now, having 30 degree C curve.
    How's your scoliosis now?
    did it get worse or is it still the same?


  4. Hi John Lim,

    I'm 29 this year, soon will be 30. My scoliosis seems get worse. I didn't do anything about it.

    To be honest, there is no cure for scoliosis. But since you're just 21, pls do your best for the physiotherapy treatment if you can afford it. I didn't go for screening also, so I have no idea how worse is my curve, but here's the things that helps me a lot in my life:

    1. Swimming, breathing & stretching. Do not go for heavy workout like lifting weight, it doesn't help.
    2. Be positive.
    3. Live happily.