Sunday, November 7, 2010

Prego @ The Westin Hotel + Latest Recipe @ Le Meridien Hotel

Usually when we are in shopping mall, the first question is not about finding a car park. The first question would be:  
Where and what to eat.

Yes. There are plenty of nice food out there and we have hard time to decide which one to go for. 
Usually end up go to usual one. 
For this particular Deepavali day, we went to Prego @ The Westin Hotel Kuala Lumpur. for lunch. 
It was my 3rd time being there. 
They had redecorate table arrangement, most of them are for 4 people dine in. 
Just love the cozy environment & perfect lighting. 
I had dry style spaghetti, named Gamberoni and my partner ordered Frutti De Mare.
Let's see the photo for my commentary. Hehe

Gamberoni - RM 45.00
(King Prawn, Chili, Garlic Parsley Arugula)
 Nick rating: *****
Nick says: The king prawn was excellent! Meaty & Juicy. I LOVE IT! Must try if you are there or any pasta with king prawn...hehehe...( I was in paradise the first bite of that king prawn)

Fruitt De Mare - RM 48.00
(Mixed fresh seafood, tangy tomato sauce)
My partner had this seafood pasta. All he would said is GOOD.

Zuccotto al cioccolato - RM 20.00
(Prego's famous chocolate "mud pie")
Nick rating: *****
Nick says: Mud pie! It was really look like sh*t. Haha. But I warn you! The chocolate was tasty & sweet like Katy Perry. LOL. 
Ice cream was coffee taste. Love it!

After movie, we went to Latest Recipe @ Le Meridien Hotel for dinner buffet. 
It was special Deepavali dinner buffet, so most of the waitress wore Saree. 
For guests who wear Saree come for the dinner buffet will be enjoying 50% discount.
It was not fair to all the gentlemen, right ?
If you as gentleman, dare to challenge them, they would give you FREE dine in only if you wear Saree. 
It's not a joke! 

We did not need that because the voucher we were going to use entitled us to dine in FREE for 2 person. 
We were lucky I guess because the buffet was not cheap.
The price is RM 108++ per person for dinner buffet in the weekend.
I forgot the price for weekdays then. Anyone know, pls leave me a comment. Thanks.
We were so early there and the waitresses were so welcoming us and wore in Sareeeeee....
The preparation was nicely done and all the tables are reserved. 
Don't think of coming here without reservation.
However if you can't get table, please try PRIME @ Le Meridien for their best wahyu or FAVOLA @ Le Meridien for fabulous variety of pastas. 

I let you see the photos and you guys judge okay? 

This is teppanyaki section.
You can get fresh Salmon here, and also scallop + cod fish + chicken + beef.

 Start from here, below photos are some of the food we ate. 
We've spent almost 2 hours there and finally couldn't fill in more. 

Scallop, Cod Fish, and Beef.
Can get it from Teppanyaki section.
Nick rating: *****

Salmon was the best in that night! 
 Nick rating: *****

Great service and food.
Car park rate is dine in flat rate RM 6 for first 2 hours, and RM 4 for subsequent hour. 
Make sure you give the car park ticket to restaurant cashier for a chop. 
Well, see you again Latest Recipe. 
And see you all in my next post. 


  1. seem so nice.....fantastic

  2. Hi Nick, buffet for weekday is RM98++

    Fantastic blog post and pictures!

  3. Hi there, thanks for the comment.
    Ya, I thought so. Thank you so much for the info.

    Do you dine in Latest Recipe often? If I working in KL central area, I will most certainly go for it often. Hehe. But sometimes depends on my budget though...;)

  4. I go there all the time! It is simply amazing.