Friday, November 12, 2010

RockMelt - Fabulous Ways of Interacting in Web

When I first heard of RockMelt from the news online last weekend, the first thing to do was to find the download. 
Unfortunately I couldn't because I need approval from RockMelt in order to download the beta version browser and two days later I got approved. 
Since then I have been using RockMelt as my default browser despite Firefox is my top-list browser. 

RockMelt is really ROCKING!
Why I said its rocking because it takes US (web users!) to another level of how to surf Internet especially almost everybody is facebook fanatic. 
With all the open source API, people are creating new idea. 
And RockMelt is the one!

I still have a lot to explore because RockMelt team is working on improvement in the same time. 
This is their blog:
You can follow up their latest news over there.
They also have accounts like Youtube, Twitter and Facebook
Click the link to see it yourself.
I have personally subscribed their Youtube, Blog and Facebook.
Here's the official video of RockMelt:

AWESOME, isn't it!
Quickly go to to register and download the browser.
Here's the version I did it myself in my laptop.
It's kinda slow because I used CamStudio to capture the screen and WITHOUT sound-enabled.
So its not perfect but at least something you can see what I have been doing in this browser.
In facebook page, we must looking at the page itself to see any new notification, latest activity by friends and so on.
But with RockMelt, you can actively browsing your favorite video in Youtube and in the same time you can check out your friend's latest post and who's online in facebook.
There is slowness of latest update of facebook via RockMelt, it doesn't stop me from using it nonetheless.
Also, when you are browsing let say and you want to share the news that you are reading to your friends, what you have to do is just to click the Share button on the top browser.
It is so unlike most of the webpages now they have share widgets installed and put on top/bottom of the page where you have you scroll down the page and click share.
Why so hassle? RockMelt give you one single click and you can share it to all your friends. (but of course, this Share button is for facebook only )
Okay, I probably talk too much here.
My video here:

You might having some problem with login to RockMelt browser but don't worry, RockMelt team is working on that issue as stated in their blog HERE.
Be patient, because this is just a beta version.
So guys, enjoy yourself out
Tell me what do you think....

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