Friday, November 26, 2010

Station One @ Viva Residency (Jalan Ipoh)

Last Sunday I went to Station One @ Viva Residency, Jalan Ipoh for dinner.
It is just newly open about two weeks ago and located in corner shop-lot of Viva Residency at Jalan Ipoh.
Viva Residency is just right opposite of Sentul Park entrance. 

When there is a new cafe or restaurant open in nearby area, me and my partner will definitely go pay a visit. 
And then we judge. 
(Who doesn't ? Haha)

I'm not new to Station One but newbie to this newly open outlet.
Here, I just make a short list of what I observed there. 
1. Layout of the outlet is nicely done.
2. 99% of the staff are young boys and girls. (I mean they look really YOUNG!)
3. Got LCD screen for TV (It's common nowadays)
4. Food presentation is too simple (lousy).
5. Salad/Vege portion is terribly stingy.
6. Drinks really need some improvement especially customers are paying more for drinks.

In my conclusion, bad experience and a lot to be improved.
I believe this outlet of Station One, is strategically only for family and people who live nearby especially condominium around the area. 

Let's see my photos for the proof. (real food)

In the menu it said :
 "You have to warn your friends before having this spicy dish otherwise they may be confused why you suddenly crying."
It was absolutely....nothing.
Look at the chili sauce! It's taste like Maggi chili sauce!
There is no spiciness! So where's the crying look? 
And PLEASE look at the vegetable!
TWO slices of vege? 
Is this the new standard of Station One? 
 Above: Chili Fish Fillet with Rice - RM 11.50

Grilled Chicken Chop Rice - RM 13.50
Nick's rating: *****
Nick says: Stingy with vege portion but fortunately grilled chicken was okay.

YES Tea - RM 4.80
 Nick's rating: *****
Nick says: I won't say YES to this tea though. But it was okay.

3 Layer Tea - RM 3.50
My partner's comment: First few sips were okay but then tasteless the rest. Feel like drinking water. 

Station One Cafe (Jalan Ipoh)
Tel: 03-40431700 
Fax: 03-40431798
Parking: If you are lucky.


  1. is it Halal or not?

    **it's not great place to eat, it's not important is it Halal or not..haha

  2. I think is non-halal.
    Cos I can't find a halal logo in their official website

    Some more I don't see any muslim friends ever dine-in there b4.

    It's not a great place to eat, so it's not important to know halal or non-halal..hehehe..