Saturday, November 20, 2010

Wonderful Saturday Part 1 - Fried Kuey Teow @ Little Penang Kafe

What a wonderful outing today!
Very simple plan and did not go out just to 'jalan-jalan' blindly.
We had our destination and task set right after each.
It was a delightful out-going day!

Had lunch at Dome Cafe @ The Gardens Mall,
Harry Potter movie at GSC Signature @ The Gardens Mall after lunch,
Had my all time favorite Fried Kuey Teow for last meal of the day as dinner at Little Penang Kafe @ Mid Valley,
Grocery shopping in Jusco Market and
the last, brewed coffee at my favorite cafe - Austin Chase @ The Gardens Mall
before we leaving at 8pm sharply.

That's my list for the day.
Sorry. It is not finish yet.
I still have a lot of things to tell you guys.
Well, most of the time I just blog about food.
And today, no different of course. ( :p )
Allow me to share some of my favorites,
I know its nothing special but this is ME,
 and this whole idea of blogging is about ME!
(Laugh Out Loud)

I had Catch of the Day main course in Dome Cafe and read FREE magazine for about 1 hour 30 minutes.
After that was Harry Potter movie at 3.30pm
It was good because I didn't complain about pain in the butt. 
(Laugh Out Loud) was good. (go and watch yourself)

I have always love Fried Kuey Teow (F.K.T) no matter Non-Halal or Halal.
Most people would say non-halal one is better because they use pork-oil.
It is tastier than non-halal F.K.T.
Yes. It is true.
However, nowadays most of the food choice are Halal and it is one of ways to survive in food industry in KL especially.
So, I started to love F.K.T. from Little Penang Kafe few years back when I was living in Petaling Jaya.
It's Halal dish, everyone is allowed to eat. 
(Well, most people prefer non-halal F.K.T. still)
After all, we are 1Malaysia. 
1Food as well, though.

The usual dish I order in Little Penang Kafe is Fried Kuey Teow & the drink would be Sugar Cane.
I mean its something like I go Zara for my working shoes and I go SEED for shirts.
I go Little Penang Kafe for F.K.T. (Hehe)
Now you get what I mean? (My english is not good enough to express most of what I want to say, but I guess you get what I mean. I'm novice after all)
Let's see some photos, shall we

Siamese Lemak Laksa - RM 10.50
My partner had this few times in KLCC & Mid Valley. He will be looking like a runner just finished a marathon, sweating non-stop. If I were him, I believe I would be someone just came out from swimming pool, wet from head to toe. Hahaha.
According to him, it is absolutely delicious if you are into spicy or SWEAT. ;)

Fried Kuey Teow - RM 10.50

Nick's rating: *****
Nick says: 3 medium size of prawns are gorgeously presented and fresh. I always love kuey teow, so what to say about it? It's fantastic! :p

Here's the proof of it meant what we said.

My partner finished every single drop of the lemak laksa soup.

F.K.T. by Nick

Little Penang Kafe is moved to new location which is one side of the wings in Mid Valley.
(Sorry I don't East or West wing of Mid Valley)
There got Esquire Kitchen 大人餐厅 right opposite them.
Well if you don't know, just follow the address below then.
It was about few months ago since their moving and I hope their business is doing good,
because to be honest, that location is bad strategy compared to previous location which was in between link-bridge of The Gardens mall & Mid Valley.
From what I have observed, it was much better and people even queue up for it in previous location, but not current location.
Sad to hear it but it's the true.
Here are photos of the new location.

Okay, now its a bit late.
I haven't take shower yet after back from The Gardens mall.
Sorry but I have to call it off for now and let me continue my story next post okay...
I sincerely hope everyone enjoy the weekend.

Austin Chase, next be continued

P/S: If you have any place to recommend me for Fried Kuey Teow, please leave a comment to me. I will check it out the place next time. Thanks a lot.

Mid Valley Megamall
Lot G022-023, Ground Floor,
Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-22820215
Parking: Please park in The Gardens mall there. Easy to find one.

The Curve
G43, Ground Floor, Mutiara Damansara
Petaling Jaya
Tel: 03-77280215
Parking: Please park in Cineleisure if you go late. It is easier to find one than in The Curve or IKEA.

Lot 409-411, 4th Floor, 
Kuala Lumpur 
Tel: 03-21630215
Parking: 4th floor in the basement. Car park is always available (to me though)

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