Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas Everybody!

I was so upset on Christmas Eve morning because company did not approve my deserved-commission of $ RM 500++. 
I don't wanna talk about it now but if you would like to know, contact me personally either in Instant Messenger or SMS. :p
What I can say here is that, SCREW YOU!
End of story.

Let's talk about good moments that I had. 
Partner knew that I wasn't in a good mood and the only cure medicine to that was to eat.
On Christmas Eve after work we went to Solaris Mont Kiara for dinner.
Thought of MeatWorks but it was full house.
Lucky us we found Ole Ole Bali has table for us.
Santa Claus heard us...hohoho.

It was good meal but none compared to Hotel's one. 
I liked seafood pasta, especially the fish meat & squids. 
The prawns were 'sticky' though...hard to peel it. 
I know it Christmas Eve and we all should be happily enjoy the night but I really wasn't in good mood.
The meal was like a panadol....couldn't heal me much. 
But I liked the place and food.
Here's few photos for ya.

Cucumber & Passion fruit Mocktails (RM 13)
Nick's rating: *****

Hot Lemongrass & Ginger Tea (RM 8)

Seafood Pasta (RM 32)
Nick's rating: *****

I was so lazy and didn't want to get up from's holiday though!
We went to Pavilion to collect my new spectacle & buy my very own Christmas present.
You can see my new spec in my facebook profile picture right now. :)
Digi centre newly open in Fahrenheit88, level 3 Signature IT floor.
Here's the picture of the 'booth'....

TWO employees only for one small counter & another one as sales-girl answering misc questions from public. 
I signed up my SMART plan + Blackberry Torch package here. (Pavilion got no more Digi centre after moving to Fahrenheit88)
It was AWESOME Blackberry! (At least I paid it myself)
After that, as usual, coffee break. We went to The Loaf. 
Had two buns & refreshing drinks. 

It was so crowded and wearing my new spec for the 1st time, made me feel 'seasick'. 
Luckily no vomit .... HAHAHAHA
Before leaving Pavilion, we had Rice Ball for Solstice Festival. 
We missed it last year and thought we going to miss it again this year because we did not have it on that particular day. 
The Honeymoon, fortunately still having the promotion for Sweet Balls Combo until 30th December 2010.
Lucky us again...thanks to Santa Claus. 
It got 10 balls in 5 delightful flavors which were Peanut, Sesame, Custard, Taro & Green Tea.
Instead of giving us all the flavors, they mistakenly replaced Green Tea with another same flavor - Custard.
Hahaha...too bad we didn't have the chance to taste Green Tea sweet ball.
It was good at least. 

Nick's rating: *****

We also take away Lavender's breads. 
Geezzzz! The breads were just fantastic! 
So soft & melt easily inside mouth...the flavors were amazing!
Sorry I forgot to take the photos. (Too excited with my new toy - BB) Hahahaha
Well, that's my Christmas moment I guess.

Just eat, eat and eat....well, with or without Christmas, I still eat anyway. So Christmas moment? Nahhhhh....
Special thank you to my partner who was very supportive on this Christmas season.
And wish you all my friends have a great Merry Christmas.
May God bless you all ~~~

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

萬利肉骨Ban Lee Bak Kut Teh

Monday after work I had craving feel for Bak Kut Teh as dinner.
Maybe due to few times my friend posted in his FB saying that he had 2 times of Bak Kut Teh in a week and that's a SIN.
Hehehe....imagine if you order fat pork....OMG....I couldn't do that because I seldom eat that.
So this time the experience wasn't same as 'Yi Xiang Bak Kut Teh' (益香绑线肉骨茶) in Viva Residency. 
This is the Bak Kut Teh style that I like: (All in ONE)

Price total RM 32.
It was reasonable, unlike the one in Viva Residency.
We ordered meaty pork (no fat, no internal organs).
I just love it. 

(Last one...I eat it! LOL)

This place I do not have the photo of the shop but it is next to Dynasty Hotel in Jalan Ipoh. 
If you passing by Dynasty Hotel you can see a lot cars park on the roadside (illegally) and an old dirty shop-lot. That's where it located. 
Went there few times and of course still will be going again.
Just to share with you guys what I had ;)
Intro me if you know any good place for Bak Kut Teh....thanks. 

Monday, December 20, 2010

Jalan-jalan in Pavilion

It was raining, Friday after work.
On the traffic light junction to my living place, I saw STREAMYX counter and then I thought God heard me. 

But strange, the location of the booth. Look at the photo....Anyone know where's this traffic light junction? That poor sales girl had to sit there looking at cars passing by the traffic lights from all direction with strange & wondered-look from public, instead of a proper & safe location with more crowded people.
What went wrong with Streamyx Marketing management? Who's idea was that?
Anyone working with Streamyx or TM ? please report to your boss now. They might give you a bonus because of this :D

Let's talk about Pavilion now.
Went there on last Saturday and it was a great day.
I bought myself a new spectacle from Optical 88.
It was Titus and 40% discount sales + free gift a mug.
Here's the photo of mug:

but I don't have the photo of my spectacle now because I supposed to go collect it today (Monday) but just leave it til coming weekend.
You will see how I look with it soon...Christmas surprise LOL HahAHa!

We found The Executive store in Pavilion, newly open not long ago, from a promo standee next to Navigate near the escalators 2 weeks ago.
This time we went because my partner wanted to get the shirt & pant.
They only provide discount sales during weekend.
So he bought 2 shirts & 1 pant. I didn't get any because I spent on my new spectacle already.
Need to 'jaga' (take care) my credit card you know...haha.
So the thing about this promo standee was that, it provided incorrect information to customers like us.
2 weeks ago, we saw it and went to The Executive immediately.
But wasn't lucky because the promo period was over.
The staff claimed that they had reported few times to Pavilion Management, but yet action to be taken.

FREE voucher RM 100 for minimum purchase of RM 100.
Eh...that's big discount! Anyone who see it will definitely pay a visit quick.
But they will end up leaving the store with disappointment because the promo is OVER.
So its over, please REMOVE the promo standee.
I will tag Pavilion management in my FB later for this post.
Hope they read it somehow and take immediate action!
The promo standee still there after promo was over for 2 weeks and saw it again last Saturday.

XZQT is already re-open in Pavilion about 2-3 weeks ago. 
The store now is smaller compare to previous location and the lighting is so cozy-feeling. 
Managed to snap some photos, I hope they won't mind.
I know about the interior design is copyright but I'm not copying it anyway. 
Just purely for blog and let people know about its re-open.
Please pass it on, let your friends and family know if they like XZQT before.
Because according to staff of XZQT, still a lot of regular customer did not know about their re-open in Pavilion. 

Went to A Slice of Heaven stall in food court floor in Pavilion for desserts after dinner.
It was beautifully decorated & layout of the stall. The cakes & desserts were so adorable & made me mouth-watery.
Here's the photo of the stall and cakes & desserts

we bought 2 slices of desserts: Blueberry Cheesecake & Tiramisu. 
It was good & would like to go buy again if I go Pavilion.
They only provide take away, however you can have your dessert in any table in Food court Pavilion. 

RM 9.90 each
Nick rating: *****
Nick says: I love both! The sweetness is just perfecto. 

So that's another weekend post. 
Physiotherapy session was just okay, nothing special on that weekend. 
Looking forward for next Christmas-post :D

Happy Christmas
to everyone here

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Jogoya Buffet (Cousin's Birthday)

On 13rd December 2010 I went to Jogoya @ Starhill Gallery for dinner buffet with my 3 lovely cousins. The occasion was because of my favorite cousin C.S.P. birthday. It was also an opportunity to hang out with my cousins whom I long time no see. She came back from Melbourne, Australia for school break. The little gathering was lovely and full of laughter.

I heard of Jogoya @ Starhill Gallery from friends and finally I was there myself, to experience the joy of having ALL delicious food right in front of my eyes. I missed the chance when my company had annual dinner 2 years ago in Jogoya @ Starhill Gallery. Well...I wasn't into Japanese food back then. Now I do. It was cousin's idea to give it a try because ladies could enjoy 50% discount (not me though). I was amazed with the variety of food there and I walked round & round just to check out what's there on the bars with my eyes big open. Haha.

It is worthy even more IF you go with bunch of friend about 5-8, because you can enjoy good quality food once for all, in just one time dine-in. Do not be fooled by food quantity, beware please! It is great experience, to be honest. Will go there again next few months I guess, better with all my close friends. :D

During the enjoy-food-moment, we were so happy and made each other laugh. I couldn't stop myself from laughing because its been a long time I shut down my laughing mode, especially with my lovely cousins. Thank you, three of you! You girls made my day. :D We should hang out sometimes from now on. ;)

Here's the photo of of the best moments in year 2010. Sorry about the sequence of the photos...I simply post. Hope don't mind. (eh..this is my blog. I can do what I want to do...right...LOL)