Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Awal Muharram day in KL (Coffee session)

I need to confess something here!
I said in my previous post that I didn't like a single piece of Uniqlo's clothes.
But the truth is,
On the Awal Muharram day afternoon, I went to Uniqlo & BOUGHT two jeans there!

I wasn't trying to look in Uniqlo but it happened I need to pass by, going to Lot 10 for coffee.
So went in Uniqlo and they had a lot of stocks then.
I bought 2 jeans because I didn't have a comfy jeans to wear due to over-fat in my waist.
All the jeans I had I love them all. I was thin back then.
Now that i'm fat (don't get me worry, I love my size right now), I need new jeans new clothes.

So that's the truth.
I bought two jeans from Uniqlo. 

So about the afternoon coffee, I went to this Cafe Vienna in Lot 10.
It was indirectly introduced by a twitter friend who's a blogger of anything. 
He tweeted that he was in Cafe Vienna with a lot of rich people like Francis Yeoh and a bunch of bosses, on the launching day of YTL's YES.
I wanna go there to feel it, I said to myself back then.
Just to feel the places that high class people went. 
It would be different. 
So I went yesterday.
YES, it was different.

This was the coffee I ordered.
It was double mocha topped with cream, called Einspanner in French I believe.
I love and hate it in the same time. 
The reason of loving it was, it tasted absolutely gorgeous.
It was thick enough and could make you stay all night (I did, until 12am. LOL)
I hated it simply because of the size. 
It was really small cup of coffee like Expresso you order in Starbuck for RM 11.
Okay, apart from that, no complaint from me.

I love the Apple Strudel - RM 18 (Photo above)
It was amazingly presented on the plate. 
It tasted great and I love it!!!!!
If you going there, please try it. 
I'm sure you will love it!

Here are some photos of Cafe Vienna.
So sorry for the photo quality. 

Franziskaner Coffee - RM 13.80

All the decoration items of Cafe Vienna was imported all the way from Austria. 
According to resource I found in one blog, it said the owner wanted it to have an original Austrian feel from the food right down to the decor. 
Despite the feeling of classic simplicity, it's rather cozy and a great place to just chill out.
I'm totally agreed!
You could see owner's photo with big name people like Dr.Mathadir and our present PM Najib, on the pinkish-paper wall. 

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