Monday, December 20, 2010

Jalan-jalan in Pavilion

It was raining, Friday after work.
On the traffic light junction to my living place, I saw STREAMYX counter and then I thought God heard me. 

But strange, the location of the booth. Look at the photo....Anyone know where's this traffic light junction? That poor sales girl had to sit there looking at cars passing by the traffic lights from all direction with strange & wondered-look from public, instead of a proper & safe location with more crowded people.
What went wrong with Streamyx Marketing management? Who's idea was that?
Anyone working with Streamyx or TM ? please report to your boss now. They might give you a bonus because of this :D

Let's talk about Pavilion now.
Went there on last Saturday and it was a great day.
I bought myself a new spectacle from Optical 88.
It was Titus and 40% discount sales + free gift a mug.
Here's the photo of mug:

but I don't have the photo of my spectacle now because I supposed to go collect it today (Monday) but just leave it til coming weekend.
You will see how I look with it soon...Christmas surprise LOL HahAHa!

We found The Executive store in Pavilion, newly open not long ago, from a promo standee next to Navigate near the escalators 2 weeks ago.
This time we went because my partner wanted to get the shirt & pant.
They only provide discount sales during weekend.
So he bought 2 shirts & 1 pant. I didn't get any because I spent on my new spectacle already.
Need to 'jaga' (take care) my credit card you know...haha.
So the thing about this promo standee was that, it provided incorrect information to customers like us.
2 weeks ago, we saw it and went to The Executive immediately.
But wasn't lucky because the promo period was over.
The staff claimed that they had reported few times to Pavilion Management, but yet action to be taken.

FREE voucher RM 100 for minimum purchase of RM 100.
Eh...that's big discount! Anyone who see it will definitely pay a visit quick.
But they will end up leaving the store with disappointment because the promo is OVER.
So its over, please REMOVE the promo standee.
I will tag Pavilion management in my FB later for this post.
Hope they read it somehow and take immediate action!
The promo standee still there after promo was over for 2 weeks and saw it again last Saturday.

XZQT is already re-open in Pavilion about 2-3 weeks ago. 
The store now is smaller compare to previous location and the lighting is so cozy-feeling. 
Managed to snap some photos, I hope they won't mind.
I know about the interior design is copyright but I'm not copying it anyway. 
Just purely for blog and let people know about its re-open.
Please pass it on, let your friends and family know if they like XZQT before.
Because according to staff of XZQT, still a lot of regular customer did not know about their re-open in Pavilion. 

Went to A Slice of Heaven stall in food court floor in Pavilion for desserts after dinner.
It was beautifully decorated & layout of the stall. The cakes & desserts were so adorable & made me mouth-watery.
Here's the photo of the stall and cakes & desserts

we bought 2 slices of desserts: Blueberry Cheesecake & Tiramisu. 
It was good & would like to go buy again if I go Pavilion.
They only provide take away, however you can have your dessert in any table in Food court Pavilion. 

RM 9.90 each
Nick rating: *****
Nick says: I love both! The sweetness is just perfecto. 

So that's another weekend post. 
Physiotherapy session was just okay, nothing special on that weekend. 
Looking forward for next Christmas-post :D

Happy Christmas
to everyone here

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