Sunday, December 19, 2010

Jogoya Buffet (Cousin's Birthday)

On 13rd December 2010 I went to Jogoya @ Starhill Gallery for dinner buffet with my 3 lovely cousins. The occasion was because of my favorite cousin C.S.P. birthday. It was also an opportunity to hang out with my cousins whom I long time no see. She came back from Melbourne, Australia for school break. The little gathering was lovely and full of laughter.

I heard of Jogoya @ Starhill Gallery from friends and finally I was there myself, to experience the joy of having ALL delicious food right in front of my eyes. I missed the chance when my company had annual dinner 2 years ago in Jogoya @ Starhill Gallery. Well...I wasn't into Japanese food back then. Now I do. It was cousin's idea to give it a try because ladies could enjoy 50% discount (not me though). I was amazed with the variety of food there and I walked round & round just to check out what's there on the bars with my eyes big open. Haha.

It is worthy even more IF you go with bunch of friend about 5-8, because you can enjoy good quality food once for all, in just one time dine-in. Do not be fooled by food quantity, beware please! It is great experience, to be honest. Will go there again next few months I guess, better with all my close friends. :D

During the enjoy-food-moment, we were so happy and made each other laugh. I couldn't stop myself from laughing because its been a long time I shut down my laughing mode, especially with my lovely cousins. Thank you, three of you! You girls made my day. :D We should hang out sometimes from now on. ;)

Here's the photo of of the best moments in year 2010. Sorry about the sequence of the photos...I simply post. Hope don't mind. (eh..this is my blog. I can do what I want to do...right...LOL)

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