Sunday, December 5, 2010

Mom and Dad (爸爸和妈妈) - Visit Family

Saturday morning I was tired because of not feeling well. 
Thinking how to honestly tell my family that I couldn't go back.
Fortunately I didn't and heading back to hometown by dropping by Klang to fetch my cousins. 
After all, they were waiting my return.

Cousin and I talked a lot during the ride despite we were both sick.
Don't know why we always so compatible and talk things over and over again.
They were so happy to see me. YES I know. I'm not always available. 
Glad to see you guys honestly.

Took me 2 hours to get home and it was still raining. 
My fatigued brain couldn't think well.
Parents were at home waiting their baby son's arrival.
Happy to see me.
Glad to see you mom and dad :)
(even though I don't say it out loud. )

Dinner time came and such a shame my 2nd brother couldn't make it because of work and my 2nd aunt also.
I treated my big family seafood dinner first time after 3 years of working. 
And coincidentally I resigned my job and got the new offer in Dutamas, not far from my living place in KL. 
It's like Chinese old saying,
The old goes the new comes,
its the best time to 'belanja' them.
There is no me without them.

It wasn't really the best moment with them because I was sick and my eyes sight was so blurred with 2 shadows.
I prayed hard to God for keeping me 'alive' the whole day.
The seafood in Kuala Selangor has few places to eat.
But according to my grandma and my family based on their taste, the one we had is the best in town. 
Don't go to seafood in Jetty there because the 'Chef Master' was no longer there.
So the one we went was Kampung Seafood 鱼乡海鲜火锅.
It was located right opposite of Restaurant Mei Wei, traffic junction of Pasir Penambang.
If you have 4square, you can find them both in the map.

Some dishes were good, so my family only ordered those good one. 
I don't remember the dishes' name. 
My brain doesn't work that way. Haha
So here's some photos for you guys. 
If you are planning to go Kuala Selangor for seafood, I would recommend you this restaurant.

It was last minute ordered this crab dish. 
Not bad, but I'm not so into crab. LOL.

That's the result if I eat crab. Look closer! 
I was sweat from head to toe. LOL.

I was so tired with my eyes almost closed.

Overall rating: *****
P/S: They speak Hokkien and Mandarin. Not sure they speak Cantonese. English for sure, no way. If you can't speak Chinese language, then ask for menu. :D

On this particular night, because of me, seldom being at home, mom and dad always would chat until midnight. 
They chatted a lot of things and I didn't really focus on what they were saying.
Most of the time I just knocked my head.
Dad got drunk without making a scene, happily drunk I guess. 
He kept calling my youngest brother to come back home that night to have a beer with me because his birthday and I seldom at home. 
I know my dad. 
He doesn't talk to people about his feeling and things.
He's the 8th and youngest son to my grandmama. The brothers are selfish, dad said that night. Yes. We are selfish because we have our own family already.
So he wanted our siblings to hang out together, to keep the bother-hood tied. 
I understand. I would do my best.
So, I gave my youngest brother a present and birthday 'Ang Pao'.
He always wanted my necklace which I bought for myself about 6 years ago when I worked in F.O.S, 1 Utama.
I scared he would lose it if I give it to him but now I guess its the right time to give, as birthday present.
It's not new, but its not cheap either! I know. So what! As long as he likes it. 

I went to grandma's house that night too.
2nd aunt was there, to give me 'Gua Sha'.
I asked for it, because I wanna know how much stress I have.
It's a lot indeed.
Thank you 2nd aunt.
See the photo for the proof but I had no idea what stress was that, either physically or mentally.

The next day morning, mom woke up early to buy fried mee hun+mee for breakfast.
Oh my god! It was my favorite since 15years ago. 
Even though its different owner now, but the taste was still the same. 
I could still remember the aunty's look, skinny but tough mid-age woman. 
It just reminded me of my primary school life where I had the fried mee hun+mee at her stall right front of school every morning around 6 o'clock.
Had to be early, because it would be all sold before 7am.

RM 1.30 each. Excellent!

It was time to leave.
Seems so short for them, cos their facial expression telling me... 
sort of 'baby-son stays another night okay?'...
I ciao at 10 something in the morning with my cousin because need to take her home as well.
Since not in a hurry, so we lunch together in Klang Parade.
Old Town Klang Parade, YES, I got checked in (4square).
She finally could online there at least, FB a while and then order something to eat.
I didn't really have appetite but had to eat still.

Glad to see everyone happy after seeing me.
Love you all but not in front of you all.
May God bless you all.

At last, I would like to dedicate this song to my parents, to all the people out there working in the city.
Don't forget to go back hometown to visit your parents, no matter how busy you are.
What they want is not your allowance. What they really want is your heart to return home.

Song: Father and Mother 爸爸妈妈
Artist: Nicholas Teo 张栋梁

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