Thursday, December 16, 2010

Physiotherapy Session 16 - 21

Time flies and it has been almost 3 months I joined the physiotherapy program in Spinal Inc Mont Kiara.
Ask me whether my condition got any better.
My answer would be: No.

Probably because I do it every weekend, not weekdays.
How I wish I have my own time, don't work, and go to physio everyday.
I really want to see the result. 
I want to know how far I can go, how normal it ( I ) can be.

Recently there is a major change on the techniques & methods of this physio exercise. 
I find it hard and I'm not confident with it in the same time, whether it will helps me personally. 
And then all patients have to buy 'rice bags' from Spinal Inc for the new exercise.
It got 5 small rice bags, each about the size of my palm, with total price RM 75.

This is the new exercise that I'm worry about. 
I'm okay with 'pole exercise', but somehow I still think that personal therapist 1to1 is required for all the exercises.
With this approach, the 'recovery' will be efficient rapidly. 
At least, I believe. 
What do you guys think?

I am very concentrate when doing physiotherapy in Spinal Inc.
Sometimes too focus give me a kick in my head, on the left brain. 
I don't know why. 
I just hope its not a bad thing. 

Looking forward this weekend's physio session.
May God bless you all and me


  1. Hi, why don't u try shizen healing ctr in the strand, kota damansara. one session takes 30 minutes. u can find them in the FB. isuggest that u give it a try.

  2. Thanks Liza. I got their website now. Will take serious consideration then. May I know had you try it b4? Scoliosis case?

  3. Hi, How's your condition now after treatments in Spinal Inc? Did you get better? My advice is to get 2nd opinion on the measurement on your curvatures irregardless of improvements. Please also check if they're certified Schroth physiotherapists with Schroth Germany via emails or websites. All the best !

  4. Hi, did you complete the physio in spinal inc. Can share if it is effective?