Saturday, December 11, 2010

Yi Xiang Bak Kut Teh (益香绑线肉骨茶) @ Viva Residency (Jalan Ipoh)

I am lazy recently. 
Probably because of leaving the company soon, so I am lazy to do anything, including blogging.
If you notice as well I had stop blogging about my physiotherapy for the past few weeks sessions. 

Okay! I still have a lot to talk about.
First I would like to talk about the newly open Bak Kut Teh in Viva Residency(Jalan Ipoh).
The name of the restaurant is 'Yi Xiang Bak Kut Teh' (益香绑线肉骨茶).
It is located next to Station One Cafe.

The dimension of the corner shop lot is quite large and I thought it must be franchised-outlet. 
Otherwise, they won't invest so much if its new brand, especially Bak Kut Teh in Klang Valley. 
I mean there are so many places for great pork meat and the herb soup.
It is franchised outlet indeed, after my google-search. 

Personally, for me, the experience of Bak Kut Teh in  'Yi Xiang Bak Kut Teh' (益香绑线肉骨茶) is quite different with dining in other Bak Kut Teh restaurant like in Klang or the one next to Dynasty Hotel.
How different? 
'Yi Xiang Bak Kut Teh' (益香绑线肉骨茶) serves only individual bowl of dishes.
They serves all kind of pork meat SEPARATELY like Pai Gu(排骨), Ro Gu(肉骨), San Ceng Ro(三层肉), Jiao Wan(脚弯), and so on.
Each bowl has a price, range from RM 9 to RM 9.50 if I recall correctly.
You can not find a price on the menu because it's pork meat. 
Pork meat price is up and down from time to time, depends on market price.

Well...I still prefer Bak Kut Teh which comes in one big hot claypot with all kind of pork meat inside.
It tastes better to be honest.
So visit to 'Yi Xiang Bak Kut Teh' (益香绑线肉骨茶) would be my 1st lesson then. 
~Never try Never know~

My partner said that it has 'Pavilion's price', meaning it is expensive.
Our bill came with about less than RM 50 for the following items we ordered (see pic)
And yet we didn't feel like satisfied. 
It was just overprice and taste was So-So...
We could have a great dinner in the one next to Dynasty Hotel with price around RM 45-50.
Love the soup & pork there.

Not sure will go there again, but you guys can go. 
Give it a chance and you will decide whether next time want to go there again for Bak Kut Teh session.
but I doubt it though. 

Photo session below.
I didn't get the bill so I wasn't sure how much exactly each item but total bill amount was about RM 45 - 50.
Tell me, do you think its worthy?
Look at what we had below.

Nick rating: *****
Nick says: It's not worthy if you have bunch of friends or family. I don't like the soup taste (cos it almost tasteless to me).

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