Saturday, January 29, 2011

MC 3 days & Happy Chinese New Year 2011

Most of people in the office might thought that I had been abused the medical leave rules by taking 3 days off for only coughing & fever, and I just started to work for only 2 weeks plus in the company. Coincidentally, it is Chinese New Year holiday week right after 3 days of Medical Leave. So Wednesday to Friday I was on medical leave and the next following week is holiday week for Chinese New Year.

Well, I didn't purposely took 3 days of MC, technically it was just 2 days and a half. So, this is the story. I was having cough on Tuesday night, so I took Wednesday off to see doctor. Wednesday was officially my 1st MC day. Then Thursday I went to work in the morning with my drowsy condition due to medicine because I had only 1 day off from doctor. I wasn't feel well in the morning and until after lunch I had cold & hot, on & off ( I scared it would be fever). Really wasn't focus at work so I requested to my manager that I had to go see doctor again for such condition. He said ok and take good rest. He was kind. So this is the thing. If take MC half day to see doctor and the next day you going back to work, do you really think your condition allows you to do that? It is not just a headache though. Fever, cold or coughing, you need at least a full day rest at home. Why still go to work when you are still sick! So I told doctor that I might need the next day off as well because coughing + fever, oh gosh, how could this happened to me when Chinese New Year is around the corner. She was kind too and said yes I agreed because you need more rest. So Friday I was on MC. Total 2 days and a half.

I know I could just go to work on Friday and whole day blurry in the office with such condition. But fortunately I didn't. Friday off was the best day to me because I rested enough and fever was gone. Such a relieve on Friday night when I had my mood back. :D So, now I'm kinda worry what would management think of my action, taking so many days of MC in 1st working month. Bad impression it must be....

I am not fully recovered yet the moment I writing this blog now. Tricky phlegm in my throat is pretty annoying I must say. One good thing to say today is that I still managed to get new shirt for Chinese New Year as order came from my mother that all of us must wear new shirt on the 1st day of CNY, if possible get a RED one..haha. Well to be honest I'm not that 'Pantang' but I'm a good boy listen to mother. So I got myself 2 polo-shirts (Red and light Green). I'm sure she will be happy to see me wearing red shirt.

Here I wish everyone a long Happy Holidays and a joyful Chinese New Year with your lovely family & friends. Right now, I don't feel the 'moment' yet...but we'll see when the real day comes. :)

Gong Xi Fa Chai !!! 
ANG PAO Na Lai ..!!!!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

It's Been A While

It's been a while since my new job started.
It was almost two weeks ago.
I like the location, I like the people there, the most important thing is I like the job.
Most of the time have to stay back a while, but overall nothing to complain.
It absolutely change my perspective on career, in terms of being productive.
I like the better me.

It's been a while since my last update on my physiotherapy session.
It is still alright. Nothing changed.
I have one reader who is parent to a daughter.
Her daughter got scoliosis with about 20-30 degree of curve and she asked for my opinion on Spinal Inc's treatment package.
I was very straight forward.
But I didn't regret by telling her the true feeling I have with Spinal Inc.
If I am being offered choice again, I won't sign up.
But in this case, just be it.
There is reason but for now it is still unknown to me. Hehe.
God knows.
Better than nothing.

Here I would like to apologize to all my friends who I hardly ever contact recently.
New Year, new job, new life, new me.
I know it's not an excuse but I'm really full.
If you are reading this, just drop me an comment or leave me a message on my right chat-box of the page.
If you have blog, please let me know so that I can RSS it in my RockMelt. ;)

Lastly, wish you all Happy Thaipusam/Holiday.
Enjoy the off day no matter what!
May God always blessing you

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Starting of 2011

Since 1st January 2011 til now is only 6 days passed.
Few things happened, I won't say is bad but definitely a sign.
A sign from God or whatever you wanna call it.
What a year of 2011 will become still unknown but I would like to mention few things that happened since 1st January 2011.

Firstly, in our country Malaysia, Teh Tarik's price has increased 20cent and Government Tax increased from 5% to 6%. Two days ago, petrol RON97 (local in Malaysia) has been increased also, by 10cent. Cotton price I heard is also increased by this year 2011. Well, these unfortunate facts are greatly impact on citizen's lifestyle especially lower-incomers. The rich citizens are getting richer and poverty in Malaysia will be getting a new record.

2nd of January 2011, magnitude 7.1 quake strikes Chile (again). Thousands of birds died & felt from the sky in Beebe, Arkansas, USA. There were speculation to as what caused the birds to die, but officially reported the reason was because of New Year's Eve fireworks. Can you believe it ? It's up to you. Hehehe

I was food poisoning few days ago and finally today I'm healed. The painful moment I won't forget for the rest of my life. Thank God my stomach is okay now.

I'm resting for 2 weeks now and I do some 'Auld Lang Syne'. Things are so different between 2010 and 2011, maybe not for you but it is, for me. So here I can't say I will be changing for better in 2011. One day at a time and I hope I can save little of money at a time.
May 2011 brings you good healthy life.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year 2011 (KLCC fireworks)

Friday was New Year Eve.
I was in Bukit Bintang area for 2 days, stayed over in Prince Hotel for 1 night.

Last night (New Year Eve) people gathering at entrance of Pavilion, anxiously waiting for New Year Countdown. 

I was there (bukit bintang) few years ago and things are still the same.

But I'm different, though.

So countdown in a big party like that, I won't join even if my friends ask me to go.

Last night I just stood there and watched the crowds for about 10 minutes I guess, and then back to hotel room.

I like the quiet countdown, just sit and watch the fireworks. 

The last movie I watched in year 2010 at 10pm were 'Knowing' by Nicholas Cage.
It was showing in Astro channel.
The movie finished and countdown of a new beginning of the year 2011 was on right time!

OH ya here's a picture of KLCC Twin Tower with Maxis Tower I've taken at night of New Year Eve from the hotel room window (camera of 5.0mp BlackBerry Torch 9800)
Beautiful skyline? LOL

KLCC Countdown New Year 2011 (fireworks)

It was beautiful but slightly...I mean there was a building block the low fireworks that came out from KLCC park. 

But what I like about this video I took is that, KLCC Twin Tower was in the background with fireworks shooting in the sky. Beautiful enough....hehehe....

So this is it!
And this is my 1st post in year 2011.
May all the wishes for the new year come true and enjoy your life as much as possible because we never know what happens tomorrow. 
Happy New Year 2011 to you all.