Thursday, January 6, 2011

Starting of 2011

Since 1st January 2011 til now is only 6 days passed.
Few things happened, I won't say is bad but definitely a sign.
A sign from God or whatever you wanna call it.
What a year of 2011 will become still unknown but I would like to mention few things that happened since 1st January 2011.

Firstly, in our country Malaysia, Teh Tarik's price has increased 20cent and Government Tax increased from 5% to 6%. Two days ago, petrol RON97 (local in Malaysia) has been increased also, by 10cent. Cotton price I heard is also increased by this year 2011. Well, these unfortunate facts are greatly impact on citizen's lifestyle especially lower-incomers. The rich citizens are getting richer and poverty in Malaysia will be getting a new record.

2nd of January 2011, magnitude 7.1 quake strikes Chile (again). Thousands of birds died & felt from the sky in Beebe, Arkansas, USA. There were speculation to as what caused the birds to die, but officially reported the reason was because of New Year's Eve fireworks. Can you believe it ? It's up to you. Hehehe

I was food poisoning few days ago and finally today I'm healed. The painful moment I won't forget for the rest of my life. Thank God my stomach is okay now.

I'm resting for 2 weeks now and I do some 'Auld Lang Syne'. Things are so different between 2010 and 2011, maybe not for you but it is, for me. So here I can't say I will be changing for better in 2011. One day at a time and I hope I can save little of money at a time.
May 2011 brings you good healthy life.

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