Sunday, February 6, 2011

Chinese New Year is Over

There was no disaster. My CNY was great I could say. 
Father and brother weren't drunk on CNY eve and they all came back home midnight for Bai-Tee-Kong. It was my dream that moment like this happened. I just wanna get through it peacefully. Not to mention my mother wanted me to buy a red shirt which I did and we all were wearing red shirt that night. Hehehe. Too bad no photo proof. But here some photo that night when we were preparing for Bai-Tee-Kong and the fireworks all over the place in the sky of Tiram Buruk....Hahaha.

Here got one short video I took before Bai-Tee-Kong. 
I was hanging out with my cousin and saw this red light on one row of houses. 
It happens to most of the Chinese villages I guess..hehe

CNY 1st day I brought my best fren - Cheryl & my mother & sister to Aquaria KLCC. 
The ticket was worthy because we could see shark swimming through our forehead. Hahaha.
We supposed to go Batu Caves after that, but they were tired after fishes. I guess its the walking distance that make them exhausted. See you next year Batu Caves. 

CNY 2nd day we went to Port Dickson. My dad works there so he knows the direction. 
Driving hours total was about 5 hours back and forth. And I didn't even change my clothes for beach. 
My intention wasn't to having fun there but driving them there. 
I just don't want my family disappointed when I say I don't wanna go because most of the time I don't go anywhere. 
Well, my 2 brothers never join family trip though. They have their own friends though.
My skin was burned and red color now. 

I didn't do anything but just the driving and sitting under the pavilion.
We 'robbed' the pavilion opposite of shower-toilet room. 
The entry for peeing was RM 0.50 and shower for RM 1.00.

The tent on the beach rental was RM 40. We rented one for relative. Pavilion was free though. 

It was never my choice to go such place. Haha. But I'm glad brought my family there. At least we went some places during CNY this year. 

So basically Chinese New Year is over now. Everyone is now rushing back to KL because working start on Monday. Few of my friends already complaint about the traffic jam that they stuck for few hours. Of course, you just have to be smart for planning this because its peak season especially Chinese New Year. 

Now I need to get everything done before I start work on Monday.
Sincerely wish everyone had a great time on this CNY 2011.

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