Sunday, February 27, 2011

Torturing Experience (Sick part 1 )

I decided to write a blog post here about the reason why I have been missing from my facebook account and my blog and even mobile phone for the past 2 weeks. A lot of people were wondering why though and as a blog writer, I need to tell you this.

The reason of all these is, I am sick.
Accumulated disastrous heat in my body since January I believe, had finally exploded.
The main cause was my throat, then the rest of sickness comes easily.
I'm not good at medical terms, what I know is that I suffered since then and now.
My throat was red and swollen until I couldn't swallow a piece of meat. And I could hardly speak.
Porridge was the main source for my body and yet I hardly finish it due to throat pain.
Day by day & I lost 4 kilograms. I was pathetically sad. I scared of losing weight!

The experience was never the same.
Staying 1 week at 'kampung', my parent's house.
Well, parents take care of you when you sick I guess and I really made my parents worried.
They took me to see different doctors every single day! I couldn't get any better.
And due to fever was on & off, they thought it could be Dengue.
So I went blood test for Dengue.
The result was, NOT Dengue. (everybody relieve after this)
They brought me to see an old Chinese man for 'washing my body' to see I have 'Mo Ban' or not.
I don't know what's English term for 'Mo Ban'.
The old Chinese man use duck feathers to dry-wash my body.
It is saying that if found a tiny golden color needle look-a-like on my body (I had a lot of them on my body after the washing), then confirm I have 'Mo Ban', which simply means TOO heaty!
Since I couldn't eat well, my stomach started to playing game with me.
Full of air when I get hungry and I had to wake up in the middle of night making myself a hot cereal drink.
When it happens, I couldn't sleep well, it was very irritating.
The most annoying thing was, it hurts a lot when I saw my parents couldn't help much and worried for me.

Another thing happened which I couldn't do anything but decide.
I quit my job. I am so sick right now and I can't think too much.
Since January I joined the company , I've taken 4 1/2 days of MC ( before & after CNY)
I'm a fragile human being. Without thinking twice, I just quit.
So now I have 1 month to fully recover. In the same time, I need to find some freelance job to do.
I still have car installment, mobile phone and etc. Well, its just headache to think of it now. Everything comes after my recovery. Just concentrate for better health now.

And today ( in KL) noon time I went to see doctor for my throat.
Doctor gave me 7 days of antibiotic (Augmentin, amoxycillin + clavulanate potassium), a bottle of Throat-Spray, Thymol Gargle and sorethroat pills.
Total bill was RM 150 (he said that antibiotic was expensive).
So he asked for next appointment after 7 days, to see my throat I guess...

There are ulcers everywhere inside there! I almost cry looking at the mirror!
Two days ago it was only few spot and now it gets worse.
It happened though, so just have to deal with it.
Smart move today by going to see doctor!
So now my throat still painful just like 1 week ago....
What to eat? because I can't swallow a thing. Now drinking water is painful.
What Chinese herbs anyone know that can cure this ulcer throat thing ?
What can I do now ?

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