Sunday, March 27, 2011

Tomb-sweeping Festival (清明节)

Early in the morning with dark clouds in the sky, we thought its going to rain. Indeed when we got into the car rain started pouring down. The rain ended after 5 minutes and the Sun was totally naked in the blue sky. Dramatic change in just 5 minutes and it was HOT HOT sunny morning!

Today is Tomb-sweeping day. In Mandarin, we called it QingMing. Once every year for all family members to gather together and helps to sweep ancestor's tomb. So this morning, luckily we got in slightly earlier, otherwise we would end up couldn't get in because of the traffic. Please see the picture: 
(Cars cannot move because of the small road)

After 15minutes of the congestion, we got in to the back of hill where grandparents resting place is there. 

This is how we do it:

Step 1: Call all family members to gather there first.
Step 2: All arrived, next is to gather all the food and put it front of grave.
Step 3: Incense time. Everyone needs to.

Step 4: Burn the money for grandparents and light up the firecrackers.

Step 5: Waited 5-10 minutes and toss the coins to see grandparents eaten yet. If its a Head and a Tail, that means grandparents finished eating. Everyone take back their food.

Step 6: If there is a PIG, I mean pork meat, then we will eat over there before heading back home.

My grandparents has 8 sons & 1 daughter, so its like a big family. Every year we all will come on this special day. 
For me, its not a family gathering. I go because I pay my respect. My grandma loved me the most! As grandchild, no matter what you have to come back for this day. It's the principle. But nowadays Youth generation are not thoughtful. 

(People there, not us. Amazing isn't it? )

After the pork meat, we moved on. 'Balik Rumah' and shower and rest.
Hope you had a great time in visiting your ancestors' grave. 

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